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William, that place looks pretty amaz-balls.

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So right now, I’ve got 2 3-phase machines in the shop, the 20” Delta bandsaw and the Oliver lathe. Chatted with the good Todd about it some (and electricity stuff makes my head spin at best) on the use of Variable Frequency Drives to power the stuff. I’ve also very likely to get a 3-phase powered Oliver 232 14” table saw as well in the near future.
This stuff is hard to figure out, on one hand I love the idea of having a VFD for each machine and (especially for BS and Lathe) having the ability to more accurately alter speeds of the devices. But with possibly 3 different 3-phase machines it might be more economical to purchase a single rotary phase converter.

One big thing holding me back (or at least intimidating the hell out of me) is the already variable speed Oliver Lathe; being intended for institutional use it has 4 built in speeds, but the slowest is still 800 RPM. I found an Older Thread about wiring up my version of this lathe specfically but It hasn’t been updated with how successful the attempt ever was. Several times its certainly mentioned that the variable speed of the lathe makes it a bit picky about being hooked up to a VFD, plus it’s a madhouse of confusion in that thing:

I’ve got a couple friends who actually know electricity stuff, one being a former electrician, but aren’t all that familiar with 3-phase type stuff. What to do? Any advice? Maybe just hold me and make me feel better, make some cocoa for us to sip?

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