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Safety Rules for Woodworking

Woodworking is the process of making different sculptures and daily use things using wood. It is very popular from ancient time in India. Sometimes it is the main source of livelihood. The raw material for the woodworking is slabs of wood. Different type of machinery is used in this process. Wood for the work comes from the trees like Oak, Teak and other so many trees. Different type of wood is required for the different type of work. Making very beautiful designs by carving on the wood is very popular among the people. Those who perform work with wood are known as the Carpenters. There are so many places where large amounts of woodworking are done. The huge amount of raw material is used and very big machines are used. Although woodworking is very popular, one thing we should always keep in our mind is safety.

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The woodworking process involves very large and sharp machinery so during working safety of the person is the must. The raw material for the work is large wooden slabs so during transportation and storage of the safety of the wooden slab is the must. Working without considering the safety measures is offense and very dangerous for the person because sometimes it may cost lives. Woodworking can be very enjoyable and profitable if we go through the correct safety path. All the steps, which we call safety measure, are just common sense, but failure can cause fatal consequences. Woodworking involves various small as well as larger machines with sharp tools fitted in it. Your habit to be in hurry and ‘it would not happen to me’ type of attitude can put you in very big trouble. There are some simple rules and some woodworking safety equipment, which can make your work comfortable and worry-free.

Always Wear Proper Safety Equipment

While working with wood it is necessary to wear latex gloves, it will protect your hand from small wooden chips that can penetrate in your hand. Sometimes large machines are very noisy and so we should wear a noise protection device in the ear. Other equipment, which is also very important, is special eyeglass, which will prevent wooden dust, or small wood chips to enter into your eyes.

Clothing Should Be Appropriate

During working in the woodshop always, wear clothing, which is of proper fitting because the loose fit of your clothes may allow it to entangle with the machine you are working. Wearing comfortable and according to environment dress is allowed, but it should also be able to protect the small sharp wooden chips to enter into your body. Any type of jewelry should also be prohibited because during working it may interfere.

Use of Alcohol or Drug Should Be Prohibited

A person working in the woodshop should strictly avoid the use of drugs or alcohol during working because using drugs or alcohol will not allow the person to concentrate on the work and this may cause a serious problem. Lack of concentration during working may cause the wrong operation of the machine. Mixing of the woodworking and taking drugs can lead the person to death because heavy power machines do not show any mercy if operated wrongly.

Only One Extension Cord Should Be Used

Use only one extension tool for the power machines. If you will use one extension cord then to start another machine, you will automatically turn off the previous machine. One more benefit of using one extension cord is in case of an emergency you can easily put off the power for all the machines.

Switch off the Device During Blade Change or When Not Working

After long working many devices used in woodwork need to replace its blade or cutting tool, so you should keep it in mind that machine should be properly switched off before changing. So many people have lost their finger during woodworking only because they didn’t take care of the things properly.

Always Check for Any Nails or Other Metal Part in the Wooden Block

Power tools used in the cutting or designing the wood are very repulsive in nature with any type of metal part. During working, if any type of nail or screw comes in the way of the cutting tool or fast-moving saw blades it damages the blade and it causes a heavy kickback which is very dangerous for the person working with the tool. Before performing any type of cutting operation, check properly.

Blades and Bits Should Be Sharp

In all the machines performing cutting or drilling operation, we should always use sharp blades or drill bits because if it will not be sharp then cutting tool may create some back thrust and also cutting operation will not be fine. Sometimes blunt bits may cause injury to the person performing the operation.

Proper Use of Cutter

The cutter is the most important tool in woodworking, but this power tool can cause a very dangerous situation if not used properly. Power tools are designed in such a way that wood moves in the opposite direction of the movement of the tool blade cut the wood in the opposite direction of the movement of the tool. You should always use the cutting tools keeping the direction of the movement in mind.

Never Put Your Hand on Moving Blades to Remove Cutoff

After long working it very usual that some cutoffs may entangle with the blade and it causes the slowdown of the machine so time to time it is necessary to remove them, but we should always very careful about this and wait for the complete stopping of the blade

Keep Away Distractions

Anything which distracts you from the working should be kept far because of the lack of attention on your may cause a dangerous situation for you. Prevention is better than cure, so avoid all hazardous situations and work in a healthy environment.


These are some most important points, which should be in the mind of every woodworker to avoid any type of injury. Working with wood can be made more enjoyable if the woodworking safety posters are followed strictly.

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