Circular Saw VS Hand Saw

  • Last Modified: June 2, 2019
Hand saw vs circular saw


Hand saw vs circular saw

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The saw has always been a perfect tool for the woodworkers in the procedure of woodworking in term of quality, convenience and efficiency, but whether the handsaw or the circular saw is the one which is at the top of the best woodworking tool in general; however, the top of this pyramid of tools changes every day, every hour and even every second, so the most important things we need to do now is to concentrate on the comparison between the hand saw and the circular saw just in this article only because this seems to be enough for the length of a single piece of paper. Thus, this is the first part of this series of comparison between these two kinds of woodworking tool so that I will start with the circular saw first in this chapter, and the hand saw in another section, and the final episode will be the comparison and my personal favorite tool.


Every time we talk about the saw, the module is one of the essential parts of received a lot of attention by the woodworker in general and the normal who do not know too well or even have never work with wood in their life before as well. The blade of this type of saw must have the round shape, of course, and I assure to you that the blade of every kind of circular saw is cut into the edge to create the shape of sharks’ teeth because those teeth can make the blade more damaged to the object, particularly in this situation I want to talk about is wood, more specific are wood logs. It takes about two to three month to become the master at this field of the tool using advance while remaining your particular strength at one of the most dangerous automatic tools in general.


The mechanism stands behind the secret of how the circular saw can be so damn sharp as it always is an exciting field that should be discovered and received much concern from all kind of people who are participating in the woodworking industry to get more understanding about the circular saw, and all of this knowledge serve just one particular purpose that is to initiate your work with the circular saw more productive and more confident while executing the tasks in your project of woodworking with the highest and flawless result in the final ending of the whole project. Therefore, there is no doubt that the circular saw can be tough to be taught by the master to the freshman, especially when you have no particular resources of information of how the tool in your hand work in term of physic and mechanics at all.


Initially, the value of circular saw had been recognized by any woodworkers at that time of the timeline of history through the particular tutorial of using this kind of tool may be a skeptical task that at that specific time of old-school century of boredom. However, the use of this tool, in here is circular saw, of course, is much more than just a cutting machine, it can be more than that in many situations, such as to annihilate the wasted part of the log that you may do not even want it to be at that place in the first place, so you have to eliminate that instantaneously with your powerful circular saw;  therefore, it is also satisfying when you actually do the job with one of the most modern machines in the world at that time so far, and now is one of the most popular tools in woodworking field as well.


For the end of this chapter of the comparison, in other words, I prefer to call it a civil war as it appeared in the pop culture in Marvel university between Iron man and Captain America, it is really good to say that I have illustrated to you the best view of point in my opinion so far, of course in some extents to you guys, that the circular saw is really worthy of being a competitor in this fight, and please stay tuned, keep calm because the next chapter will come soon as long as I finished it.

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