Circular Saw vs Hand Saw: Part 2

  • Last Modified: June 4, 2019
Circular Saw vs Hand Saw


Circular Saw vs Hand Saw

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For centuries, the controversial of which one is better between the powerful machine called circular saw and the best hand saw, the primary and classic tool used from the ancient time of the history of human development, is received much concern form the people all over the world, especially in the evolution of the 4.0 industrial growth in the 21 century. Back to this topic again, you will probably see chapter II in the title of this article, and you guys are totally right, I am back, and I will show you the best as I can the second opponent of this fight, the hand saw in advance, or you can say that the hand saw in my point of view can be so different and maybe kind of skeptical, but I will make that clear to you as far as I can in this article of second change to redeem of hand saw to the glorious circular saw.

The Blade

The old fight has to be balanced with the elemental within, so we will consider the blade as a part of it, make sure there is a fair and unbiased competition without the biased opinions. The blade of the hand saw in term of quality and hardness has clearly shown the popularity of it to the woodworkers who use it every day within the projects of woodworking, and the frequency of using time pushes the blade to its limit by the hardness of the wood logs and the pressure it can make throughout the time to another object can also reflect to itself, in a nutshell, all thanks to the Newton law. Besides, the blade of the handsaw is also the same kind of stuff to make the circular saw to be hard as that, but it certainly can not be compared to the circular saws’ blade at the density of the blade material and also the physical density. The shark teeth of the blade are an additional point for the hand saw because it is good to see the better shape of the blade can cause the effectiveness in a practical situation.

The Mechanism

No matter what is the reason for this particular tool still being existed these days of the 21 century, it is undeniable that the hand saw has one of the most cooling mechanism of the device among this timeline of ours. We have a long history of using the hand saw in woodworking by handy tasking with the popular trend nowadays that you should use a hand saw instead of a circular saw for the practical purpose as exercise. Besides, it is possible for a two-handed hand saw in a project of woodworking which can evaluate the spirit of team working and also gain the popularity of the old-school style of woodworking among the technology and industrial modernization century within a tool which fit your palm of the hand. Moreover, there are several benefits of hand saw that is just found by the carpenters such as the accuracy gaining and no longer need to wait for the power of electricity which can cost a bunch of money for the work that only one hand saw can solve.


The use of hand saw is more than just a tool; it is a spirit, a symbol of the old time and long live working century within an instrument that perfectly designed for this particular purpose and also can be taken the advantages by all the people around the world and worldwide attention. If that would not be enough for the illustration of the usefulness of the hand saw, please look at the feeling of the users after the practical work made by hand saw, it would probably change your mind immediately by the flawless result in term of quality and certificate products selling.


In conclusion, the hand saw still remain its use until these days by participating in various procedure without the disappointing result at the end of the day. Similarly, the circular saw has done that so perfectly as well, so please stay tune waiting to our final work, or you can say the last chapter of this debate by the most refreshing chapter at the end of the day.

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