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10 Best Woodworking Squares 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A woodworking square can be defined as a tool used in a metal or wood workshop generally for marking purposes. The tool consists of two parts – one being the handle and the other being the blade. The longer portion of the square, known as the blade, is made from metal like steel. On the other hand, the handle is made from plastic, metal or wood. The handle will always appear thicker than the blade and the blade will have its markings mainly for measurement requirements.

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In case you’re planning to buy the right woodworking square for your needs, then the following guide will help you immensely in choosing one.

10 Best Woodworking Squares

1. Irwin Woodworking Square

IRWIN Tools Tri and Mitre Square (1794473),Silver
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Irwin is a reputed name in the manufacturing of woodworking squares. If you want to try out one of the best out there, then this product should be on your buying list. The square comes with a blade that is made from stainless steel, which is rust-proof as well.

The markings on the blade are done in black color such that they’re very easy to read. Moreover, the markings are finely etched. The handle of the tool is made from ABS plastic which is long-lasting and highly durable.

The length of the square is eight inches and weighs about eight pounds. It can easily be used for marking perfect 90-degree bends on wood. It’s suggested that you check the accuracy of the square before you start using it because otherwise, you’ll need to get a replacement. 

2. Johnson Woodworking Square

Johnson Level & Tool 1908-0800 Aluminum Try Square
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If you’re in need of an essential marking tool for your woodworking space, then you can try out this square from Johnson. The accuracy of the tool allows it to be used for professional needs. The build quality is very solid as the handle is made from aluminum, while the blade is made from stainless steel.

Using stainless steel assures that your blade will never see rust or corrosion. The markings on the blade are done in black and have been permanently etched into the stainless steel. The length of the blade is eight inches.

The square will help you make the right cuts and evaluate angles in an easy and accurate manner. You don’t have to worry about the durability because it will last long enough. The markings on the blade are very easy to read and are clearly visible. There’s not a better affordable square than this one in its current price-point.

3. Starrett Woodworking Square

Starrett K53-14-N Stainless Steel Carpenters Try Square, 14
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Starrett has a very good reputation for manufacturing durable and accurate tools. This square, like various others on this list, comes with a stainless steel blade combined with an aluminum handle that is almost two inches in width. The blade has markings on both of its sides and they are permanently etched as well.

The length of the blade is fourteen inches (which is the longest blade on this given list) while the weight is at almost 8.8 pounds. This square is a great tool for marking and for developing perfect right-angled shapes. The blades are rust-resistant and durable. The markings are easily viewable and readable too.

Make sure you check the accuracy before you plan on using one – just to be on the safer side. The price of the product is a little bit on the higher side, but the quality is worth the cost. 

4. Kaufhof Woodworking Square

Kaufhof ASS-5535 Precision Steel Squares Set 4 Piece
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This product from Kaufhof comes with a set of squares of various sizes. The brand is very well-known for its good quality materials and durability. In case, you need squares of multiple sizes, this can be your ultimate pick. The handle of the square is manufactured as a heavy and thick plate of steel – which has some of the finest quality around.

Even though the blade is made from steel, it is hardened in order to provide a straight and parallel measurement, without any bends. The tool is made perfectly accurate and the company packs four different squares in a single package.

There’s no doubt regarding the durability of the steel. Since the package comes with four different squares, it can be used for more than one purpose. The price is reasonable and the square has good enough accuracy too. This tool is not for those who want just a single woodworking square and not four of them.

5. Tarvol Woodworking Square

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If you don’t like going overboard and want something cheap to settle with, this should be your pick. This tool comes with a steel construction on the blades. The tool has been manufactured from steel that is not only durable but heavy-duty too. The size of the blade is set at twelve inches and comes with a powdered-coated finish, which will prevent it from being corroded and rusting.

The tool comes with inserting-holes onto the handle, which makes it easy to hang and store it away for future uses. The company also provides a money-back policy for those customers who are not satisfied with the product’s functionality. The tool will be a perfect addition to any carpenter’s toolbox. Since the product comes at a low cost, you have to deal with the differences in quality, as some users reported the scale to be inaccurate and faulty.

6. Irwin 12-inch Woodworking Square

Irwin Tools Combination Square, Metal-Body, 12
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This tool is a step-up from the previous eight-inch tool listed on this guide – manufactured by the same company. This square now comes with a twelve-inch blade, which is made from stainless steel and has been treated with heat to make it hardened. This process makes the product one of the most durable and strongest tools in the current market.

 The square comes with a handle that can be adjusted according to your needs, allowing you to measure out the distance precisely. The markings on the blade are etched and will never fade away. The tool is definitely long-lasting and easy to use.

7. Igaging Woodworking Square

iGaging 4
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This square set comes with two tools, one being the larger six-inch while the other being the smaller four-inch one. Since the set comes with two separate products for the price of a singular product, the manufacturer provides a tremendous value in this regard. The squares are made from stainless steel frames and both of them together weigh one pound. As the squares are made from steel, they are lightweight but very durable and sturdy.

The tool showcases great accuracy and you can use it for measurements to almost 1/64th per inch. The marking scale is definitely more than enough for most users out there. The tools also come with a sturdy case as well, which will allow you to store them beautifully and use them when you need.

8. Woodpeckers Woodworking Square

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools 1281R Woodworking Square Imperial
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In case you’re looking for a premium-made square for your woodworking needs, then you can go ahead with this product. The tool comes in both metric and imperial variants, so you can choose whichever you may be comfortable with.

The square has been die-casted from a single piece of aluminum, which makes it look very beautiful, because of the clean lines. Even though it’s made from aluminum (which is lightweight), the frame has incredible strength. The design of the tool allows you to hang it from the edge of a board, without letting it fall down.

The markings are done on both sides of the square, which makes it easy to use without repositioning it every time. The single biggest demerit of this product is its price – it’s just too expensive for the common user. Still, if you want the best square in the market, you cannot go wrong with this one.

9. Swanson Woodworking Square

Swanson Tool TS151 Try and Miter Square 8-Inch (Plastic Handle, Stainless Steel Blade and Level)
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If you’re looking for plumbing or leveling work, this tool should be your ideal purchase. The product has been manufactured from stainless steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion and rusting. The blade has markings etched on it with almost 1/8th per inch graduations. This will make it easier for regular as well as professional users to use this product. The handle of the square is made from durable materials, which makes it very convenient to use and will last longer as well.

The handle comes with a 45-degree guide, which can generally be used for measuring layouts are repetitive. Furthermore, the product comes with a one-year warranty to save you from any hassles of experiencing a faulty product.

10. Moore & Wright Woodworking Square

75mm/3 inch Engineers Square - Moore and Wright
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The final product on the list is this cute looking, small-sized square. This product is generally for those users who want extra precision in the wood or metal work and want something that is easy to carry everywhere. The blade of the square has a total size of just three inches, while the handle of the tool measures at two-inch of length. The tool comes with stainless steel construction, made from tempered and hardened blades.

The tool is responsible for meeting the industry quality standards. Users who have bought the product are very happy with the quality and durability of the tool. The product comes at a reasonable price and the accuracy of the blades is also very precise. If you’re someone who wants the ultimate precision and accuracy, without going overboard with the product price, this should be your pick.

Best Woodworking Square Buying Guide

It’s very essential that you always choose and recognize the best square for your needs and preferences. You need to know the characteristics that will make a particular square better than its competitors. The following factors should be taken into account when planning to buy a woodworking square

What is the ideal size of a woodworking square?

Make sure that you’re buying the right blade size for your requirements. Blades come in a variety of lengths, from three-inch to almost fourteen-inch and more. The size should depend on the category of work you’ll be doing.

How should I determine the build quality of the woodworking square?

There’s no denying that the blade is the most important part of a square. Ensure that you do not buy blades that have flexible and thin designs. The design should always be sturdy and solid. Also, the edges should not be rounded which makes it harder to mark the graduations. Pick up the one that you feel comfortable in your hands.

How can I check the accuracy of my tool?

Checking the accuracy should be one of the key aspects of the buying guide. The best way to check the accuracy is to draw two straight lines using both the blades and also the handle. The lines should be drawn on either side of the edges of the square. If both of the lines are parallel, then you can be sure of its accuracy. Otherwise, you need to skip that specific product.

What is the ideal price range for woodworking squares?

Even though the price is not the main deciding criterion in this buying guide, you still need to weigh in the features compared to the price you’re paying for the product. Don’t go overboard with your budget and check alternatives for the same features provided by other products in the market. There are some manufacturers out there who charge high prices only for their brand value and reputation. 


It should come as no surprise that if you want the best woodworking tool in the market right now, you have to purchase the product listed by Woodpeckers. But apart from that, all the rest of the products listed on this guide are truly great and are definitely worth your hard-earned money.

Before making the final decision, you need to think and understand every product, so that you don’t end up with the wrong tool. Hopefully, the above list will help you in your selection process.

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