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Best Wood Fillers 2021: Review & Top Pick

Wood is a reliable material but prone to defects like cracks, rot, and scratches. Wood fillers are used to fix these defects. These fillers are usually made of wood particles that are bound together using chemicals. Once the cracks and defects are filled, the fillers harden and hide the flaws. Primer and polish can then remove the bothersome marks.

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Best Wood Fillers – 2021

1. Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit

The Coconix Furniture Repair Kit is an all-rounder wood repair kits that can be used to fix cracks, chipping, hole filling, and blemishing touch-ups. The kit comes with wood putty, spatula, a mixing jar, an application brush, and ten different colors to perfectly match the color of the surface you’re fixing.

Coconix Kit is a truly comprehensive solution. There are ten tubes of repair compounds in an assortment of colors – brown, red, espresso, ebony, red, tan, blonde, among other colors. Cherry wood, walnut, hardwood, or Oak – you can fix all types because there’s a lot of mixing and matching potential. The kit can be used on desks, laminates, shelves, doors, and other wooden furniture.

The kit is very reasonably priced under $20, and given the value it offers in terms of being a complete solution makes it our favorite product for small applications and DIY woodworking. There is no requirement for glue since the putty hardens by itself.

2. FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

The FamoWood latex filler is one of the best wood filler on the market. This filler is crack-free and can be sanded, planed, or drilled. This filler is a fast application product – the latex dries in 15 minutes eliminating the waiting time.

This wood filler should be your choice in 2021 if you want to fix a specific colored wooden surface. FamoWood offers it in Natural, White, Red Oak, Fir/Maple variants for a comprehensive experience.

The product is intended for indoor and outdoor use. The solidification does not create any crack, shrinkage, or crumbling. This filler is solvent-free.

The FamoWood filler is a popular product. Rated 4.5 stars by over 250 users on Amazon is testimony that the filler works as intended.

3. Elmer’s E855 Carpenter’s Wood Filler

The Elmer E855 is best suited for repair or removal of small defects on wood. This wood filler comes in a 3.25 oz. tube, which suggests it is for minor jobs. That said, E855 wood filler can be painted and sanded to achieve a better finish.

Fixing nail holes or filling spaces in hardwood is a quick solution using this wood filler. This filler dries within 24-hours. Further treatment, like painting and sanding, may be continued since the product is designed to withstand those. The end result is a smooth finish.

This is available for less than $5, and the price makes it a no-brainer. This is the best seller for small do-it-yourself jobs. This wood filler is available in larger quantities too.

Elmer is a top company and has been in the business for 65 years. Their products do not disappoint.

4. NADAMOO Wood Filler Furniture Repair Kit

The NADAMOO Furniture Repair Kit is quite popular among home users. The product ships with twelve colors to enable you to repair scratches and dents in furniture. Given the many colors, this kit may be used to remove blemishes from a wide variety of hardwood.

If twelve colors are not enough, the NADAMOO wood filler kit comes in three variants. Each variant has different colors for application-specific use. This filler may be bought as a “Dark Color Kit,” “Light Color Kit,” and a “Multi-Color Kit.” White, ivory, warm white, white maple, white oak, and bamboo yellow are some of the colors you can find in these kits.

The product is ideal for small woodwork on floors, cabinets, desks, drawers, and other wooden items. Usage is simple – the tubes come with a long-pointed tip for easy and precise application.

The resin needs some time to cure, after which abrasives like sanders may be used.

5. Minwax #21600 High-Performance Wood Filler

Minwax Wood Filler #21600 is meant for hardwood repair, and those who are looking for quick maintenance should pay attention to this product. The high-performance filler is one of the best wood fillers on the market.

The Minwax filler can be used on chairs, tables, and other furniture. This product works with ceramic, metal, concrete, and rotten wood too. The compound comes in two parts and hardens in 15 minutes. It dries quite fast. It can be sanded, drilled, carved, or planed just 30 minutes after application.

Minwax #21600 is water and weather-resistant and is suitable for outdoor applications. This is among the top choices for a wood filler.

6. J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty

The J-B KwikWood Repair putty is a low-cost solution for do-it-yourself wooden repair. This product facilitates fast and easy wood repair. It has a settling time of 15-25 minutes and cures within an hour.

Just one hour is enough. Post that; you may paint, sand, or tap the putty without worrying. It is ideal for window frames, picture frames, dry rot, screw holes, gouges, cracks, among other applications.

The KwikWood #8257 has a strength of 900 psi. There are faster drying versions available that set within 6 minutes and can withstand 1800 psi. The epoxy is light tan in color when cured.

The product is available in various packaged-quantity – 1 oz tube, 2 oz tube, 2-pack of 1 oz tubes, and a 5-pack of 1 oz tubes.

7. Dap 21506 Plastic Wood Filler

Looking for the best wood Filler in 2021? – Dap 21506 Plastic Filler is ideal for you. The wood filler has a natural color and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

This solvent-based wood filler is ideal for use on paneling, doors, plywood, and other wooden surfaces. The DAP 21506 can be drilled, cut, stained, sanded, varnished, among other woodworking methods.

This wood filler has a setting time of 15 minutes and a dry time of 24 hours. One hour is sufficient for a recoat drying. An hour after application, abrasive tools and techniques can be used on the DAP filler.

The manufacturer has given due attention to quality. The 21506 Plastic Wood Filler is one of the best wood fillers because it meets federal specification TT-F-340C.

The wood filler is “Amazon’s Choice” and is one of the best wood fillers in 2021.

8. Bondo 20082, Quart Home Solutions Wood Filler

This is one of the best wood fillers you can buy in 2021. The Bondo Wood Filler is produced by 3M Corp., which is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. 3M has a reputation that anything branded 3M is considered to be high-quality.

The Bondo Wood Filler may be used to fill and restore rotten or damaged sections of wood. Doors, windows, furniture, fences, or floor, the filler has multiple applications. The Bondo is a 2-part filler, and those need to be mixed just before use.

Having a medium brown color, it is already close to the wooden shade. The filler is paintable and stainable. These properties make it ideal for most wooden surface applications, indoor or outdoor. The filler has a fast curing time of 15 minutes. Staining and painting may be started after 25 minutes.

This filler and hardener combo allows you to fix your furniture on the same day.

9. Goodfilla Wood Filler

The Goodfilla wood filler is water-based and has excellent adhesive properties. This is meant for the DIY individuals who wish to fix wooden products at their home or workplace.

The Goodfilla wood filler is offered in twelve colors that include white, red oak, ebony, mahogany, neutral, maple, among others. The variety of colors and the low cost make it an ideal combination for small fixes. At less than 10 dollars for 8 oz, this wood filler offers excellent value for money. Users may purchase several colors if they intend to fix different colored wood.

Staining, painting, tinting – all is possible with this wood filler. Abrasive techniques like sanding, plaining, and drilling may be used with this product without issues.

The manufacturer is offering this in 8 oz, 1 quart, 1 gallon, and 3.5-gallon quantities. The range makes it ideal for personal, small-scale use, or professional and commercial use.

10. Minwax 42853000 Stainable Wood Filler

The Miniwax 42853000 is a quick-drying stainable wood filler. This is the last item we are reviewing on the list of best wood fillers for 2021.

This wood filler is suitable for personal and professional use. Fixing cracks, gouges, knots, or nail holes – you may use the filler for everything. The filler is designed to be used with water-based and oil-based wood stains.

The Miniwax wood filler is stainable and paintable so that you may achieve a near-perfect look. This product is apt for both indoor and outdoor use.

The manufacturer offers it in 1 oz, 6 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz quantities. The first two come as tubes. The 12 oz comes in a tin can while the 16 oz comes in a bucket-like container. 

This wood filler holds nail and screws securely, and the material is designed to resist shrinkage and cracking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do water-based and solvent-based wood fillers differ?

The difference lies in the constitution of the fillers. Water-based fillers consist of wooden fiber, cellulose, or gypsum. There is seldom any volatile organic compound (VOC) is the filler. The advantage of the water-based filler is that it can be diluted quickly. The filler sets in 15-30 minutes and allows quick work.

Solvent-based fillers use vinyl or resin are have VOCs. A thinner is required to dilute the mix to the workable level. Cleaning is more challenging since an organic solvent is necessary to remove the excess; the most used cleaner is acetone. Drying time is higher than water-based fillers.

How are water-based and solvent-based wood fillers priced?

Solvent-based fillers are pricier than their simpler counterpart. An ounce of solvent-based filler may cost between $0.5 to $4.0, depending on properties and brand. Water-based solvents are much cheaper. They cost between $0.40 to $1.50 per ounce.

What are the advantages of solvent-based filler?

Once the substance solidifies, it can withstand extreme conditions in terms of heat, humidity, and pressure. They also rot slower than the water-based solvents.

What are the advantages of water-based wood filler?

Water-based wood fillers are mostly meant for indoor use. Since they use water than organic compounds, they are much safer. They do not emit any odor, and the cleaning process is more straightforward. You need just water for the clean-up.

DIY users should use water-based wood fillers because they are safer to use and store. In contrast, acetone, which is used for cleaning a solvent-based filler project, is flammable. That’s a hazard for homes and people unaware of these chemicals may injure themselves.

What are some suggestions while using the fillers?

  • Use gloves, mainly if you are using solvent-based fillers
  • Ensure you have all the tools handy. Abandoning a wood-filler project may have irreversible consequences
  • Prepare the mix as per the guidelines printed on the packaging. Usually, the fillers should have a pancake type consistency.
  • Use abrasive tools carefully
  • Do not buy in bulk just because “bigger packs are cheaper.” Wood doesn’t present with cracks every other month. Buy as you require.
  • It may be hard to match the color initially. Try out on a rough piece of wood and compare. Use what suits best.


Defects in wood spoil the look and feel of the product. Wood fillers are materials that help fix these defects. There are two types of fillers – water-based, and solvent-based. It is important to buy the correct product to work on your woodworking project. One major consideration is indoor vs outdoor application.

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