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Best Staple Guns 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Whether you want to do a DIY project or want to staple your fence, the best staple gun will always come handy. The individuals who usually believe in doing their work by themselves must possess a good staple of decent quality.

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If there are staplers, which can fulfill your needs why do you need staple guns?

The utility of staples is limited. Whereas, staple guns help you with a wide range of tasks and their utility does not get restricted to stapling a tiny bunch of papers. The staple guns can be used to shoot deep into several surfaces. A staple gun is more like a powered stapler with varied functionality. It can be used to staple plastics, wood, and brickwork. Staple guns are used for numerous kinds of projects such as an assortment of things, house wrap, wiring, flooring, upholstery, diversion, and many more things.

Let us have a glance at the best staple gun in 2021

1. The top of the list- Stanley TR110 Heavy-duty Steel Stapler

STANLEY Stapler Gun, Heavy Duty, Steel, 1/4-Inch to 9/16-Inch (TR110)
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The Stanley TR110 Heavy-duty steel stapler stands at the top position in the list of the best staple gun. The staple gun is light in weight and thus, you can work with it for long hours without experiencing fatigue. The staple gun gets into small spaces very easily and thus, you will be able to perform the detailing work.

The staple gun is plated with chrome which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. The jam-clear apparatus of the gun will save your time while you perform your tasks as it prevents the jams of staples. The Stanley TR110 heavy-duty Steel stapler is one of the best staple guns for wood.

You can secure your hand with the hinge on the back of the gun which provides a firm grip to the user. 

2. The alternate choice- The BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy-duty Powercrown Tacker

BOSTITCH Upholstery Stapler/Tacker, Heavy Duty (T6-8)
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The Bostitch T6-8 heavy-duty staple gun is perfect if you want to handle a wide array of situations using your staple gun. The Bostitch staple gun satisfies the term ‘heavy-duty’ perfectly. The design of the gun makes it extremely handy and functional. The handle of the gun is made of steel which does not let the staple gun break easily. Along with this, the handle of the staple gun possesses a decent grip which helps you to work for longer hours. Also, the rubber grip of the handle delivers maximum efficiency.

The Bostitch T6-8 staple gun is light in weight and possesses a simple and easy mechanism of loading. The staple gun is made with AntiJam mechanism which will enable you to work efficiently.  The gun has an efficient body design and renders great performance.

3. Stanley TR45K light duty staple gun

STANLEY Stapler Gun, Light Duty, Quick Jam Clear Mechanism (TR45K)
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The Stanley TR45K staple gun is a standard staple gun which is strong and durable. It is one of the best staple gun for crafts.

The Stanley TR45K staple gun has a handle lock which helps you to store the gun safely. The staple gun does not get jammed and with the simple and rapid clear system of the gun, it possesses the capacity to get back to work instantly. The staple gun is plated with chrome which is held credential for its durability. Along with this, the chrome-plated steel makes the staple gun rust-proof. The staple gun is perfect to be used at your office and business. If you want to perform some craftwork, then the Stanley TR45K would be a great choice. The staple gun comes with a storage case which makes it easy to store and carry it everywhere.

4. Stanley TR 150HL Sharp Shooter heavy duty staple gun

STANLEY SharpShooter Stapler, Heavy Duty (TR150HL)
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The extraordinary staple gun, the Stanley TR 150HL offers great performance. If you have to perform heavy duty work and want a long-lasting staple gun, then the Stanley TR 150HL is worth a buy. The ergonomic design of the gun does not let your hands go numb even after long hours of continuous use. You can change the pressure (between low to high) of the Stanley Sharp Shooter as per the requirement of your work. You can change the pressure and use the machine to staple in soft as well as hard materials. The manual stapler features great quality at low costs. Furthermore, the staple gun features an easy slide staple loading and anti-jam apparatus. The staple gun is easy to use and you do not even need to pull a muscle while using the staple gun.

5. Arrow Fastener T50 heavy-duty staple gun

Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun
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If you are looking for a staple gun with high quality but at the same time, you are concerned about your budget, then Arrow fastener T50 is a great option for you. The decent staple gun provides satisfactory results. It is great if you want to shoot staples at minute places as the sleek design of the gun can reach difficult-to-reach areas. The staple gun possesses an anti-jam system which prevents the staples from jamming up and creating a mess. The gun is plated with chrome and the metal construction makes the gun durable and long-lasting. The refill visual window enables you to see the staples in the gun so that you get to know when you need to reload the gun. The sturdy and durable arrow fastener staple gun is an efficient tool made of steel which accounts for its strength.

6. Dewalt DWHTTR350 heavy-duty aluminum staple gun

DEWALT - GID-286785 DWHTTR350 Dewalt Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler/Brad Nailer
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The Dewalt DWHTTR 350 is a decent staple gun with great quality. The staple gun features a strong design with an excellent mechanism of firing. The handle of the staple gun is tough and works for a long period without suffering any kind of breakage. Moreover, your hands won’t suffer from pain or get hurt while applying pressure on the handle. This became possible due to the rubber coating on the handle of the gun which makes it friendly to your hand. This awesome gun comes at an affordable price, which is furthermore, a plus point. The machine gun features a solid body and is excellent for upholstery. The durability of the staple gun is notable and satisfies its cost.

7. Stanley TR250 sharpshooter plus heavy-duty shooter gun

STANLEY SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun, Heavy Duty, Gray/Black (TR250)
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If you are searching for a staple gun with an interface which is easy to use, then the Stanley TR250 sharpshooter plus staple gun is a great option. You do not need to break a sweat to press the level of the Stanley TR250 staple gun. Fire brad and staples in an effortless manner with the help of the Stanley staple gun. The users even get the ability to change or modify the weight of the gun according to the material on which you need to staple. The weight can be altered as per delicate and hard materials. The aluminum body of the gun is accountable for the durability and longevity of the gun. The all-metal drive system of the gun helps the staples to penetrate better. Moreover, the long-nosed design of the gun helps it to reach small areas.

8. Arrow fastener P22 Heavy-duty Plier type staple gun

Arrow P22 Heavy Duty Plier Type Stapler
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The small and compact staple gun, the arrow fastener P22 can be used to perform almost all kinds of tasks. Using the Arrow fastener P22 staple gun, you can staple the cardboards together, staple printed materials, plastics, and many more items. The staple gun serves the excellent utility for household and office work. The heavy-duty staple gun has a guarded loop which secures the hand in a safe. In addition, it features cam-actuated dual leverage and a jam-proof apparatus. The jam-proof apparatus makes it easy to reload the staples in the gun. You do not need to apply a lot of force to staple the materials which make it convenient to use.

9. Arrow fastener T2025 Dual purpose Staple gun

Arrow T2025 Dual Purpose Staple Gun and Wire Tacker
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The Arrow fastener T2025 staple gun helps you to fire round and flat staples. The gun is handy to be used and works efficiently. The jam-proof system of the gun performs a decent job by eliminating the hassles while working. The chrome finish of the gun makes is durable and strong. The ergonomic design of the handle enhances security while working. You do not need to put much pressure to staple the things together. Moreover, the dual-purpose gun comes with an adjustable guide which enables you to alter the depth of the staples. The tool is helpful while tackling cables, wires, and upholstery.

10. Arrow Fastener 8000 Powershot Pro Forward-Action Staple Gun

Arrow 8000 PowerShot Pro Forward-Action Staple Gun
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Looking for a staple gun with an outstanding acquisition? The arrow fastener 8000 Powershot pro-forward-action staple gun is certainly what you are looking for.

The arrow fastener staple gun is a perfect choice for all your projects and craftwork. The forward action apparatus of the gun makes it different from others. This system eliminates stapler kickbacks and provides a smooth performance. It renders a smooth one-hand operation with the anti-slip property. The grip of the handle is comfortable and helps you to quick-fire the staples.

The staple gun is great to be used in the long run and provide satisfactory results. The steel body makes is held accountable for the strength and durability of the staple gun. The gun is easy to use and does not get jammed easily.

Buying guide

There are some considerations, which you must make before buying a staple gun. Let’s check out the point to be considered while buying-


If you are using your staple machine on a hard object, it is necessary for the machine to be durable. You can’t afford to use a gun which breaks when used with some hard object. The staple gun must be assembled toughly so that it can handle the tough load. It must not break when you use it to staple hard metals, wood or any tough material. It should withstand for a longer period.

The size of the gun

The size of the gun is an important factor which you must consider while buying a staple gun. The staple gun must be able to shoot into a wide range of sizes. There are several staple guns which come with a dial and you can adjust the dial as per the capacity of staples which you want to shoot.


The staple guns come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Different sizes and shapes serve different functionality. The shape and size of the staple gun have a significant effect on how the gun will work and what tasks can you perform using the staple gun. Make sure that the staple gun which you buy must possess sufficient space for hand as a limited hand space will limit your hand movements. An insufficient hand space reduces your speed and also, reduces efficiency while stapling.

Along with this, you must consider the material using which the handgrip of the staple is made. Some of the handles have grips made of rubber, which does not allow your hands to slip even if your hands are oily or slippery.

Easy to use

The staple gun must be easy to use. This does not only talk about handgrip instead, but it also covers a broad spectrum. There can be tasks, which you need to perform in which you will need to use the staple gun for long hours. Thus, the staple gun must be handy to use and must be light in weight so that your hands do not experience fatigue even after long hours of use. Along with this, it must be convenient to move the gun in different directions and also, the arms and hands must possess smooth movements. 

Moreover, there are other minute considerations, which have a great effect on the usage and functionality of the staple gun. Go for a staple gun, which is configured, similar to a tank to gain the maximum advantage from the gun. Go for a gun, which can be used to perform heavy duty work and does not get corroded with time.

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