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Best Spray Bottles: Review & Guide 2021

The best spray bottle is a very handy product to have around your home. It is a great item to have on-hand for a variety of purposes. Whether you are moisturizing the air, tending to plants, or cleaning up around the house, spray bottles help with a variety of tasks and offer great ease of use.

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Most multi-purpose products come with a lot of challenges or quirks, but the spray bottle offers an undeniable simplicity. Spray bottles are simple by design and easy for most people to use. They are generally made up of a simple bottle, tube, and nozzle, adding to their list of great qualities.

They are so simple that one might think spray bottles are one-in-the-same, but there are options to steer clear of. When selecting an item that serves as many purposes as the spray bottle, you want to be sure you are making the right selection.

In this buyer’s guide, we offer reviews of the best spray bottles on the market that will deliver to your expectations every time.

Best Spray Bottles 2021 Review

1. Uineko Heavy Duty Spraying Bottles – Best Spray Bottles 2021

First up, we have these heavy-duty spraying bottles. As the name suggests, these spray bottles boast a durable build that will last for the long haul. The 24 oz. the best spray bottle is chemically resistant and will hold up against harsh solutions. This spray bottle is ideal for cleaning purposes, especially if using harsh chemicals like bleach that can erode materials over time.

Additionally, it has an adjustable nozzle that can take your spray from a fine mist to a more solid stream. These features are sure to help you bust dirt and stains in addition to meeting your other household spray bottle needs.

2. ESARORA Amber Glass Spray Bottles – best spray bottle for cleaning

Next, we have the ESARORA Amber Glass Spray Bottles. If you want to cut down on plastic in your household, these are a great choice. The glass best spray bottle is good for the environment and good for ensuring that harsh chemicals do not leech into the material. Additionally, the Amber quality offers UV protection and prevents degradation of the solution inside of the spray bottle.

With a variety of spray bottle sizes and labels available, you can rest assured that you will never mix up your spray bottles again! The spray bottles can be used for cleaning, essential oil mixtures, and a variety of other purposes, making them a great choice for meeting all your household needs.

3. Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles – best spray bottle for bleach

After that, we have this 2-pack of Amber Glass Spray Bottles. These spray bottles are a great choice if you are looking for all the benefits of a glass bottle (UV protection; environmentally friendly), but do not need a variety of sizes. The two spray bottles are helpful if you want to use them for multiple purposes, for instance, one for bleaching and one for watering plants.

Additionally, they offer a lifetime guarantee due to their durability. With these bottles, you will not have to worry about chemicals affecting the material, and they are BPA and lead-free! You can use them without worry that they are unsafe for you or your home.

4. BARD5F Plastic Spray Bottles

This value pack of two plastic spray bottles is another great option. Their leak-proof top guarantees there will be no mess or spill-over when using the bottle. The adjustable head sprayer also allows you to control the stream of your spray. It comes with an ergonomic design so the sprayer can rest comfortably in your hand, making it an ideal fit if you are doing a lot of spray or your hand fatigues easily.

These spray bottles can be used for a variety of purposes, including household or industrial use, holding up with drops and chemical components inside. This tool is a great fit for small tasks, heavy-duty jobs, and everything in between.

5. HARRIS Professional Spray Bottle (3-pack)

Heavy-duty cleaning job? These are the spray bottles for you. The HARRIS Professional Spray Bottle is designed for use with horses, but will surely deliver on every other need you have. Complete with a high-output pressurizes sprayer and adjustable nozzle, this versatile spray bottle will remain clog-free and fit all of your application requirements.

This professional spray bottle is chemically resistant and holds up to 32 oz., making it a suitable fit for high volume tasks. It is also equipped with a long, four-finger trigger, allowing for a solid grip and even application, even if using for extended periods. The spray bottle also has ounce measurements on the side, conveniently assisting you with monitoring how much is inside and taking the guess-work out of mixing solutions.

Best Spray Bottles Buyer’s Guide

While spray bottles are very simple in principle, they are not created equal. Before purchasing, you should consider all of the uses that you may have for a spray bottle. Thinking of the purposes you may utilize the spray bottle for can help inform the purchase you make. Consider which features would make the most sense concerning the task(s) at hand. Knowing what to look for will help tremendously when selecting a spray bottle for your cleaning needs.

Bottle Size and Detail

Pay special attention to the volume of the spray bottle (how much it can hold) and whether there are various spray settings so you can manage how the mist comes out.

Depending on the job and the liquid inside, you may want to opt for a spray bottle that has measurement markings on the side. This helps with measuring how much of the solution is inside and is ideal if you are mixing your solutions yourself. If utilizing the bottle for cleaning purposes, this can be critical to avoiding toxic or too-potent mixtures that are dangerous.


You may also want to pay special attention to chemical compatibility and durability of the item. Glass may shatter and plastic may crack, so deciding based on this can be a bit of a toss-up. To help you decide, consider the following:

Most, but not all, spray bottles are built with resistance to harsh chemicals and are free of contaminants such as BPAs or lead. This is useful when using potential irritants like bleach or other harsh chemicals, and good for preventing any unwanted chemical reactions.

Without quality materials, the spring inside the nozzle may rust, especially if using bleach. Being aware of the bottle’s composition ahead of time is essential for cleaning and doing things around your home without the worry of doing more harm than good. Be sure to read the item descriptions to prevent any unwanted results, and rinse your sprayer generously after use to prevent unwanted rust.

Further, the nozzle of the bottle can make or break its utility. Depending on the task or tasks you are using the bottle for, you may want one with an adjustable nozzle. This makes the item more adaptable for a variety of tasks.


Being able to control whether you have a fine mist or a solid stream can make all the difference in applying your solution. If you find yourself squeezing and squeezing with no output, you are going to be frustrated. To avoid poor performance, look for an adjustable one that stays clog-free.

Additionally, consider how often and how long you will be using the bottle. Some bottles are equipped with easy-grip triggers that are a good fit for extended periods. Others, such as glass bottle sprayers, offer the long-term durability of being thicker than most plastics and can be easily repurposed.


To that end, if you are environmentally conscious or using essential oils, you may prefer to opt for sprayers with a glass bottle. These offer an earth-friendly aspect and will deliver on your needs without the stress of adversely impacting the planet. Plastic is not always optimal for essential oils because they may break after a while and lead to leaks.


Overall, the spray bottle delivers a wide variety of uses for having such a simple build. This is what makes a spray bottle a wonderful item to add to your household. Spray bottles meet a variety of tasks and offer versatility that can improve your life in a variety of ways.

Spray bottles are especially helpful for household cleaning tasks. Having a spray bottle that is chemically resistant, adjustable, and lightweight can make all the difference in cleaning up around the house. They might even make cleaning fun!

There are a variety of spray bottles on the market and not all are created equal. Consider the factors in our buyer’s guide along with the tasks you have a spray bottle in mind for. Clarifying how you will use your spray bottle is a great first step to selecting one that makes sense.

If you are asking yourself which spray bottle is perfect for you, revisit the hand-selected options above to find the one that best suits your requirements. The spray bottle selection listed here are all top-of-line, high-quality picks that are designed to suit a variety of needs.

This guide provides you with a simple overview of what to look for in a spray bottle and simplifies the process by providing well-researched recommendations. The hard work is done for you so you can get to buying and using your spray bottle sooner! Grab a spray bottle from our review and get going!

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