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Top 20 Best Screwdriver Sets 2021: Reviews & Guide

The best screwdriver set 2021 is the most versatile necessity that you need- right from fixing electronics or building furniture. It is nearly impossible to manage your fixing or mending work, be it at home, workshop or your job site.

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Starting from a bunch of good-quality screwdrivers to bumper sets with over 60 distinct bits of screwdrivers, you will get something to fit your daily needs. You just need to be decisive about why you are likely to use screwdrivers and what functionality do you require. This will help you to get an idea of the size of the set and the kind of bits that you need to search for in a set.

 A collection of the best screwdriver sets has been put together in the list given below. These sets are equipped with the latest innovative components to fulfill your needs and to ensure that you are doing your best. The well-designed equipment reduces human efforts and you get the best results in less time.

1. Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Philips Screwdriver set of 17 pieces

Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece
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If you are very much serious and passionate about your work, then the Craftsman 9-31794 is probably the one for you. The 17 pieces screwdriver set features professional-grade slotted and Philips screwdrivers in different sizes to handle several standard tasks where you need to loosen or tighten screws. The long-lasting butyrate handles are made to deliver high strength. The ergonomic grip of the handles keeps the screwdriver balanced in your hands and they are durable enough to cope up with a beating.

Moreover, the blades of the screwdriver set are treated with heat and are crafted technically for accomplishing the task properly every time. The slotted blade tips offer outstanding screw holding whereas; the Phillips blade tips offer tight tolerance and a snug fit. All these features coupled together make the Craftsman 9-31794 the best screwdriver set for mechanics. The adjusting features of screw makes it best friend of mechanics.

2. Magnetic screwdriver set of 10 pieces by Cremax, professional non-slip cushion grip 5 Phillips & 5 flathead tips screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Set 10 PCS, CREMAX Professional Cushion Grip 5 Phillips and 5 Flat Head Tips Screwdrivers with Case Non-Slip for Repair Home Improvement Craft
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The Cremax 10-piece cushion grip screwdriver set is made using premium-quality materials that offer comfort and durability. The black-oxide magnetic tips of the driver offer a precise fit and grip-on fastener. Whereas, the chrome-plated bars prevent the blades from getting corroded, offer a smooth-domed end for rapid spinning action, tip identification on handle enabling easy selection, and bi-material handles for increased control and comfort. It is the best screwdriver set for home and DIYers.

Moreover, the multipurpose Cremax 10-piece screwdriver can be used with domestic appliances, automotive, furniture, and many more. Also, the set of screwdrivers comes with a storage case to prevent the loss of any of the tools while facilitating easy transportation and carriage.

3. iFixit Mako driver kit with 64 bits for precision for Electronics repair

iFixit Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits for Electronics Repair
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Get your hands on your high-performance driver kit with the iFixit Mako driver. The Mako driver kits comprise iFixit’s 4mm aluminum screwdriver handles with magnetic bit sockets, swivel tops and knurled grips along with 64 precision driver bits and a comfortable extension. The toolset with 64 bits is the complete solution for precision repair. The ergonomic aluminum handle offers the required torque and is magnetized with a ball bearing swivel top.

The tool kit is made using data from careful study of data from several teardowns and repair manuals to ensure that you get a product that is most compact and offers the best screwdriver set for electronics.

Furthermore, the set comes enclosed in a case featuring magnetic closure for durability and a screw-sorting tray that is integrated into the lid.

4. WeraKraftorm Plus 160i/6 insulated professional screwdriver set of 6-pieces

Wera Kraftform Plus 160i/6 Insulated Professional Screwdriver Set, 6-Piece
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Enable higher transfer of force with less effort with the WeraKraftorm Plus 160i/6 insulated professional screwdriver set. It helps you to relieve your entire hand-arm-system even during intensive use. Besides, safety is the main concern at Wera and thus, the quality of blades exceeds present standards concerning hardness and torque strength. Each tool is tested separately for dielectric strength under a load of 10,000 volts to ensure safe working with loads up to 1000 volts.

Also, the excellent design of the Kraftform handles snugs perfectly in your hand and prevent hand injuries such as calluses and blisters. The hard materials used in the manufacture of the handle helps in the quick repositioning of the hand without the danger of the skin sticking to the handle.

5. Craftsman Extreme Grip 6- tip screwdriver set

Craftsman Extreme Grip 6-piece Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set
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Make tightening, loosening and fastening easier with the Craftsman 6-piece extreme-grip diamond screwdriver set. The diamond-coated tips prevent the drivers from slipping when more pressure is applied and also assist you in removing stripped screws.

The slotted screwdriver is available in 3 different sizes- 3/16’’ x 3’’, ¼’’ x 4’’, and 5/16’’ x 6’’. And, the Phillips screwdriver is also available in 3 different sizes- 1 x 3’’, 2 x 4’’, and 3 x 6’’.

6. Xool 58 in 1 Precision screwdriver set, magnetic driver kit with 42 bits, professional electronics repair tool kit with a portable bag

XOOL 58 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit with 42 Bits,Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit f with Portable Bag for Repair iPhone, Cell Phone, iPad, PC, MacBook
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Get your hands on the professional screwdriver set 58 in 1 precision set by Xool that is designed to service all iPads, PCs, iPhones, glasses, laptops, watches, game consoles, and other electric appliances. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in the IT realm, you can easily carry out your repair work using this screwdriver set. It is the best screwdriver set for phone repair. The versatile magnetic screwdriver kit includes 42 different bits that accommodate different shaped screws to fulfill all your demands. Also, the flexible and solid shaft extension can easily locate hard-to-reach places. And, the magnifying glass makes it easier for you to work with small components that demand precision. Moreover, the magnetic tip of the screwdriver makes it convenient to pull out or line-up the screws.

7. Precision screwdriver set by Aspung, 110 in 1 professional screwdriver set with multi-function magnetic repair computer tool kit

Apsung 110 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with Slotted, Phillips, Torx& More Bits, Non-Slip Magnetic Electronics Tool Kit for Repair iPhone, Android, Computer, Laptop, Watch, Glasses, PC etc (Blue)
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Get all the necessary tools that you need to carry out your work with a wide range of tools from Aspung. The 110-in-1 multi-function interchangeable precise manual toolset is the best screwdriver set for computer, laptops and other precision items like eyeglasses and wristwatches. The compact design and lightweight design of the set makes it easily portable. The high-quality of the delivers high performance and the shafts of the screwdriver are crafted with chrome vanadium (a mixture of alloys). The chrome vanadium coating on the screwdriver enhances their resistance and help them to deal with a heavy load. This makes the product more durable. Moreover, the magnetic screwdriver heads are magnetic that is made of impact-resistant tool steel that saves your effort and time.

8. Gocheer Mini precision screwdriver set

Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set, 115 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set with Case for iPhone, Computer, PC, Watch, Glasses, Electronics, Mini DIY Hand Work Repair Tools
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Gocheer precision screwdriver toolset is used widely for household appliances maintenance and repair for watches, electronics, computers, and many more. The small screwdriver set comes enclosed in a storage case and a magnetic plate. The placement position, size, and space of the accessories are designed reasonably which makes your work convenient.

Moreover, the Gocheer small screwdrivers set is available in both hard and soft extensions for narrow corners. It also comes equipped with silicone non-slip handles and anti-static tweezers to serve all types of occasions. The screwdriver set is perfect in workmanship as the screwdriver head made of chrome vanadium possess a hardness of 55-60 HRD that promises operability and quality assurance. Besides, the storage box of the set is made of PP material that is resistant to impact.

9. Amartisan 42-piece magnetic screwdriver set with case, include Philips, hex, slotted, Torxpozidriv precision screwdriver set

Amartisan 42-piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Case, Includs Slotted, Phillips, Hex, Pozidriv,Torx and Precision Screwdriver Set
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Get a top-quality magnetic screwdriver set that is designed to serve a multitude of tasks. The professional-grade screwdrivers are made using premium materials and the bar is made of 6150 chromium-vanadium steel that is tougher and stronger than most carbon steel. The chrome plating not only gives a nice appearance but also makes the driver resistant to corrosion.

The 42-pieces magnetic screwdriver set comprises of 8 conventional screwdriver- 25 screwdriver bits, 6 precision screwdriver, 5 different kinds of Torx, slotted, Phillips, pozidriv, and hex. The screwdriver possesses a flexible socket extensions bar and magnetic bit holder for the screwdriver bits that enable you to use it in complex situations. Also, the ergonomic design of the handles is made with PP and TPR materials giving you a comfortable and soft touch while working.

10. MulWark 6 pieces magnetic mini flathead and Philips micro precision head small screwdriver set CRV precision screwdriver kit

MulWark 6pc Magnetic Mini Flathead and Phillips Micro Precision Head Small Screwdriver Set CRV Eyeglasses Watches Electronics Computer Tools Repair Kit (6PC Screwdriver Set)
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The MulWark Micro precision screwdriver set is a high-grade pocket tool kit featuring the most renowned Phillips screwdriver and micro flat to meet a wide range of fastening or taking apart needs. The tools are designed with a tri-lobular, slip-resistant, ergonomic handle that prevents blisters while offering positive torque and provides a comfortable grip. The alloy steel blades that are heat-treated with corrosion-resistant nickel-plated bars can be held up for repeated use. The slotted blade tips offer outstanding screw holding while and the Phillips blade tips offer a snug fit and tight tolerance. The hardened tip offers a non-slip fit that avoids damage and scratch to the object. The screwdrivers will unstick even to the most stripped screws. Also, the color-coding helps you in grabbing the right pick.

11. Nanch Small precision screwdriver set with 22 screwdriver bits, repair tool kit for smartphone, iPhone, laptop, and other small electronics

Nanch Small Precision Screwdriver Set,Professional Repair Toolkit with Build-in Extension Rod Handle and 22 High Strength Alloy S2 Bits.
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The Nanch small precision screwdriver set possesses 22 high hardness performance bits that are made using alloy S2 steel. The screwdrivers are treated with heat to offer ultimate finish and hardness. The screwdriver kit can be used to repair a wide range of applications such as desktops, smartphones, toys, PCs, game consoles, electronics and many more. Moreover, the anti-slip ergonomic handle made of aluminum and features ball-bearing swivel top, telescopic shaft for slender and longer reach.

12. Craftsman 9-47139 Phillips screwdriver set 5-pieces

Craftsman 9-47139 Phillips Screwdriver Set, 5 Piece
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The classic 5-piece craftsman screwdriver set is a great option to cater to all your needs. The tight-fitting Phillips tip enables it a tight tolerance. Moreover, the blades are treated with heat to guarantee strength and durability to the set. Also, the are coated with satin-nickel to make the set resistance to corrosion. And, the chemical-resistant butyrate handle offers comfort along with a firm grip that allows the user to deliver the required levels of torque needed for the task.

13. WeraKraftform plus 334/6 screwdriver set with laser tip and rack, 6 pieces

Wera - 5105650001 Kraftform Plus 334/6 Screwdriver Set with Rack and Lasertip, 6-Pieces
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The 6 pieces screwdriver set with Kraftform plus ensures ergonomic and pleasant working. Make calluses and blisters a thing of the past with the comfortable and anti-slip design of the handle. The handle possesses hard-gripping zones to facilitate high working speeds whereas the soft zones guarantee high transfer of torque. The laser tip snugs in the head of the screw and thereby prevents it from slipping. More amount of torque can be transferred using an open-end or ring-shaped spanner applied to the integrated bolster and hexagonal blade.

14. Gearwrench 80066 Phillips slotted Torx dual-material screwdriver set with 20 pieces

GEARWRENCH 20 Pc. Phillips/Slotted/Torx Screwdriver Set, Dual Material Handles - 80066
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The Gearwrench screwdrivers are ergonomically designed to snug in your hands perfectly while doing the job. The tri-lobe shape of the handle offers excellent performance even if the user puts in the least effort. It offers an optimal balance of efficiency and strength. Moreover, the dual-material of the handle is resistant to solvent and oil, giving it anti-slip property. The tips also feature black oxide and non-slip coating. The part sizes and numbers are laser-etched on the blade to help in locating them easily.

15. WeraKraftform micro screwdriver set 12:5 slot 2 Phillips 3 hex 2 Torx

Wera 05073675001 Kraftform Micro-Set/12 Sb 1 Screwdriver Set for Electronic Applications, 12 Pieces
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The WeraKraftform Micro screwdriver set 12:5 is made for servicing electronics appliances and for mechanical work. The rapid twisting results from coupling snugging the hand on the head and using the fast-turning zone just beneath with anti-roll feature and swivel cap. This saves time while making grip adjustments. Moreover, the Wera Black Point tip offers a snug fit and ultimate protection against corrosion. Besides, the screwdriver set can be stored in a storage case that comes along with the set. The robust belt pouch, that is the storage case of the case makes sure that your tools are always at the reach of your hands.

16. Roadtec mini precision screwdriver set 115 in 1 magnetic screwdriver bit set with case and impact driver

ROADTEC Mini Precision Screwdriver Set, 115 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set with Case, Impact Driver Bits Set for iPhone, Computer, PC, Watch, Glasses, Electronics
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The Roadtec mini precision screwdriver set is carefully designed to meet all your requirements. The set features 115-in-q bit set that can be used for electronics repair, computer repair, laptop repair, phone repair and many more. The set comprises of 98 kinds of screwdriver bits, 1 handle, 1 flexible extension shaft, 1 extension rod, 1 hexagonal sleeve, 5 plastic pry crowbars, 1 anti-static tweezer, 1 screw memory mat, 1 sim card pin, 1 suction cup and a magnetizer/demagnetizer.

17. Syntus 63 in 1 precision screwdriver set with 57-bit magnetic screwdriver kit for electronics repair

Syntus Precision Screwdriver Set, 63 in 1 with 57 Bits Screwdriver Kit, Magnetic Driver Electronics Repair Tool Kit for iPhone, Tablet, Macbook, Xbox, Cellphone, PC, Game Console, Blue
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The Syntus 63-in-1 screwdriver set consists of a wide array of bit sizes and types that assists you in completing several projects. It is a great kit for DIYers and technicians.

Add an opening bar, triangle plectrum, a plastic spudger and 3 openers for a complete toolset that fulfills all your requirements. The kit consists of 56 different kinds of bits that are designed with premium-quality. The chrome-vanadium steel offers a full-featured and sturdy design that meets all your needs.

18. Magnetic screwdriver set of 5 pieces slotted nad Phillips screwdriver with an ergonomic comfortable non-slip handle, permanent magnetic tips

Magnetic Screwdriver Set,5 Pieces Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver with Ergonomic Comfortable Non-skid Handle,Permanent Magnetic Tips,Rust Resistant Heavy Duty Craftsman Toolkit For Wet, Oily Hand
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The Vickay Heavy duty screwdriver set offers durable performance and permanent magnetic tips as one of the most renowned slotted and Phillips screwdrivers to meet a wide array of fastening requirements. The steel blades are heat-treated to make the resistance to corrosion and the ergonomic double injected handle offers maximum comfort and the size-label on the handle facilitates the easy selection. The strong magnetic tips prevent the screws from dropping or losing.

19. Wowstick 1F pro upgrade electric screwdriver portable 64-in-1 bits screwdriver set cordless, chargeable

Wowstick 1F Pro Upgrade Electric Screwdriver Portable 64 in 1 Bits Screw Driver Set Cordless Chargeable for Cell Phone Camera Notebook Repair Tools Kit
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The 64-in-1 screwdriver set features a slim aluminum alloy housing body with a pen-shape and easy-to-grip design of the handle. The highest driving speed of the electric screwdriver is up to 200RPM load-free that delivers the required power to repair your electronic devices. The screwdrivers feature a LED lighting and are powered via a lithium battery. IT also consists of a micro USB charging port.

20. Kusonkey 19 pieces mini ratchet wrench screwdriver bit set

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The advanced 36-teeth ratchet handle screwdriver ensures smooth ratcheting in both the directions and assists in making precise adjustments. The ratchet wrench screwdriver with a magnetic bit adapter can hold any hex bits of ¼ inches to make sure that the bits do not drop. The tools are handy to use and they won’t bother you with dropping bits. The portable and compact design of the ratchet allows its operation even in confined places.

Buying guide

Give thanks to the wide range of screwdriver sets that are available in the market to ensure that there is always something to meet your needs. Quite often, the variety makes it daunting to hunt for the perfect set.

Here are answers to some questions that might arise when you are in the hunt for the best screwdriver set. Also, the buying guide will help you to solve some of your confusion.

What size of the kit must I buy?

Screwdriver sets can come from 6 to 60 pieces, or even more. While it might seem intuitive to buy one with the most pieces, it is always not necessary. Screwdriver sets with more pieces tend to cost more. And, if they are available at an affordable price, then their quality is going to get impacted.

The size of the set will depend solely on your needs and the kind of tasks you encounter. You can even go for a set with an increased count of high-quality pieces if you make your budget flexible. However, you must make sure that your set includes slot head screwdrivers and Philips screwdrivers in a couple of sizes.

What kind of handle must I go for?

The grip of the handle also plays an important role in making the decision. A set of screwdrivers whose handle possesses a firm grip will prevent the screwdriver from slipping while increasing the overall safety during work. A firm grip also increases your efficiency and speed of work.

Rubber handles are a great option to go for. They not only offer an excellent grip, but they also enable you to apply more power to the screwdriver whilst it is being used. Also, ensure that the handle is well-balanced to provide the utmost comfort while working and to prevent strain in the wrist. Some sets possess handles that have special dents for your thumb. These kinds of handles provide comfort when you encounter tougher tasks.

How can I take care of my blades and their tips?

Blades always need to be safeguarded from corrosion to drive maximum performance from them. The most commonly used treatment for protecting the blades and tips of screwdrivers against corrosion is coating them with chrome. Chrome-plated screwdrivers are less likely to get rusted. Protecting the screwdrivers becomes particularly important if they are being stored outdoor or in a garage.

Moreover, you need to get reinforced tips. Diamond tips are usually preferred as they can cope with the threaded screws while preventing any furthermore threading. Besides, you should get tips reinforced against damage so that they last longer and do not cause damage to the screws you are working with.

Is the carry case necessary?

Though, the carry case is not primarily necessary, especially if you have a toolbox. However, it can be a good idea to buy a screwdriver set with some kind of storage provided. Boxes, and racks are great for storing the set and will make it easier to locate the screwdriver and keep everything neat. Also, the cases have sorts and racks made for storing all the screws separately.

Moreover, if you have an offsite job, you need to make sure that you have something to carry the set. A portable or a foldable carry case would be a preferred option. Besides, if you are purchasing an electric screwdriver or need to store your tools in a damp place, garage or outdoors, make sure that you opt for a waterproof case.

Manual VS electrical- what should I vote for?

If you get the choice between electrical and manual screwdriver set, always go for electrical ones to make your job easier. The high torque motor of the electrical screwdriver assists you in screwing the screws tightly. However, the electrical ones cost a bit more and are dependent on batteries.

On the other hand, the manual screwdrivers fall in the economical price range and do not depend on batteries. You can see this as a trade-off amongst the features and the price of the screwdriver kit.

Should I look after the screwdriver bits?

You need to always make sure that the screwdriver kit you are buying possesses the screwdriver bits that you need. Some basic kits possess just 8 bits and others that have more than 50 bits. You need to make the choice and you need to choose as per your needs.

What should be my estimated budget when I go for a screwdriver hunt?

It requires common sense to realize that the best screwdriver set with more count of high-quality bits will be costly. However, it is not always necessary that your job will demand the best one, especially if you need one for your household chores. You can also go for some basic high-quality sets with a smaller number of pieces.

It is all a matter of your requirements. Nevertheless, do not assume price as an indicator of the quality of the set. There are several sets, that can be stated as the best screwdriver set for the money offering high-quality bits and pieces.

What is the utility of different kinds of screwdrivers?

There are kinds of screwdrivers that you will find in a set. Let’s learn their utility.

  • Slotted

The slotted screwdriver has a chisel-shaped blade spanning over the width of the head of the screw. They can be used instead of a chisel or a Philips head screw, in certain instances.

  • Philips or Crosshead

Philips-head screwdrivers are used for almost everything- right from appliances to furniture. They consist of an angled tip that fits deeply into the head of the screw. The perfect fit of the screwdriver’s tip into the screw eliminates the chances of the blade sliding sideways.

  • Torx

The blades of Torx screwdrivers resemble a flower or a star. Earlier, they were used for security functions but eventually, their usage has spread to commercial fields. They offer remarkable high torque tolerance.

  • Hex

Hex lacks a tip or a handle and resembles a six-sided small metal-shank that lacks the head. They are usually used in bike maintenance.

  • Robertson

These square-head screwdrivers are commonly used in furniture and automotive industries due to their highest torque tolerance.

  • Clutch head

Clutch heads are popular among the automotive industry and in recreating vehicles and older GM vehicles.

  • Hex socket

Hex socket screwdrivers are generally used by DIYers and in the mechanical industry. They are great for low-torque applications.

  • Tri-angle

Tri-angle is usually used in appliances, toys, and electronics. The design of these screwdrivers makes it difficult for people to tamper their safety covers, thus enhancing the degree of their security.

  • Tri-wing

The tri-wing screwdrivers vaguely resemble a pinwheel. These screwdrivers were developed for aerospace engineering but they are being used in home electronics too.

The market for the screwdriver set is huge and whether you require a basic set with a couple of good screwdrivers for tough jobs to a big set with numerous screwdrivers for looking after multiple jobs, you will always find the perfect match for you. Always try to look with the bit set with a warranty or guarantee as it is the best indication of the quality and durability of the set.

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