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Best Random Orbital Sanders 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for the best random orbital sander for woodworking? Well, you have found the right article, here we have made a list of the best choices for you. These choices also have brief descriptions of them. Besides that, we have also written a short buying guide that you should check out.

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You can find various sanders that differ in size and shape. As you continue building the perfect toolbox, you will need to add a sander to it. Therefore, we have written this article that helps you decide which sander you actually need. This depends not only on the project you are working on but also on the projects you will be working down the line. There isn’t a tool that can be compared to an orbital sander when it comes to polishing and sanding efficiently and effectively. Now, let us get to the main part of the article.

Best Random Orbital Sanders 2021

1. Porter-Cable 7424XP

PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher, 6-Inch (7424XP) , gray
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This sander is a swirl free sander and it comes with great sanding and polishing action. This tool offers an electronic variable that comes with a speed dial and it features proprietary counterbalance, which can be used for a six-inch sanding and polishing pad. You can use it with various thread accessories.

The sander offers you two positions (left and right) and it has a removable side handle which offers convenient comfort and control. It is the perfect tool for sanding and marine projects, but besides that, you can use it for the most common tasks.

The tool is made more safe and durable with the overload protection and it also comes with a random orbit. It is compact and pretty versatile and it weighs five and a half pounds. With the tool, you can find a polishing pad, an orbit polisher, a side handle, a wrench, and some operating instructions.

  • Swirl free
  • Usable in two positions
  • Has a high overload protection
  • You also get an orbit polisher, a wrench, operating instructions, a side handle
  • Has a variable-speed dial
  • Some customers have complained that the starter switch has problems starting

2. Bosch ROS20VSC

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander - 2.5 Amp 5 in. Corded Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander/Polisher Kit with Dust Collector and Soft Carrying Bag, Blue
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This amazing sander which is only 5 inches long offers an ultra-smooth finish which can be achieved pretty fast because of the fast removal. This way, this sander can be used by woodworkers and carpenters who want to not only sand smooth but also sand faster. This sander is specially designed so that it can eliminate marks that are left from swirling, and this is possible because of the dampening braking system this fantastic tool has.

The signature loop and hook disk will make sure the disc is firmly held, so it doesn’t move anytime while being used. To achieve a smooth and fine finish on a contoured or flat surface, this sander has a micro-cellular backing pad. The speed controls are various and they range from 7,500 to 12,000 OPM, and this way, the tool can be used for different projects. Also, the body design and the soft-grip are comfortable to use. Another great thing is that the sander comes with a bag that will help you keep it safe and also makes it a lot easier to transport.

  • Has a dampening braking system
  • Comfortable soft-grip and design
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • The speed ranges from 7,500 OPM to 12,000 OPM
  • Has a micro-cellular breaking pad
  • There haven’t been any complaints from customers yet

3. Black and Decker BDERO100

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (BDERO100)
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This tool is great for various sanding options. This sander is great for projects that require a quality finish and high removal rate, and that is because it has a random orbital action. The life of this tool is extended because it makes sure that the dust gets sealed and the random action this tool offers is 12,000 OPM.

Other things these fantastic tool offers are loop and hook paper change, a sanding sheet and a dust bag. This is the perfect tool for both DIYers and professional woodworkers and it is also cheap, so if you are looking for a sander and also you want to spare some money, this is the right one for you.

This sander offers you great power, performance, and maneuverability. As for length, this sander is pretty short, maybe even one of the shortest out there, and it is also compact.

  • User-friendly
  • Cheap
  • Has a sanding sheet, dust bag, and loop and hoop paper change
  • Offers great power, performance, and maneuverability
  • Compact and short
  • Has a random action of 12,000 OPM
  • There were some complaints that the discs were flat

4. DeWalt D26453K

DEWALT D26453K 3 Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit with Cloth Dust Bag
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When we are talking about random orbital sanders, we must not forget about this one, as it is one of our favorites. You can use it as a pneumatic tool, a sander, or a grinder. The speed of the motor ranges from 7,000 OPM to 12,000 OPM, and this is why this tool offers the perfect sanding speed so that you can achieve the smoothest finish. The DeWalt D26453K is textured and it offers an anti-slip top with a body grip that is really comfortable for use, and also, it increases the control you have over it while using it.

The finishing system this tool offers is high quality and it can maintain the speed of the controllable pad steadily. The gauging which can happen in the startup is minimized as well. This tool is durable and it lasts really long because it has a switch that is dual sealed and this shields the tool from the dust and prolongs its life. Besides this, the tool also has a 100% bearing construction which prolongs its life even more.

Other great things this tool offers are a dust back which has a high capacity and a built-in vacuum adapter. Even when you don’t use the vacuum, this tool offers great dust collection.

  • Speed ranges from 7,000 OPM to 12,000 OPM
  • Lasts very long
  • Has a dual sealed switch
  • Has a 100% bearing construction for a longer life
  • Has a dust bag with high capacity
  • Has a built-in vacuum adapter
  • Customers seem to like this one as much as we do, therefore, there haven’t been many complaints yet

5. Makita XOB01Z

Makita XOB01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 5
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When using this sander, you can see that it has three engineer speed settings that are great for fast removal. In one single charge, you can use this sander for 20 minutes when using it on high speed, and up to 40 minutes when you are working at low speed. Even though that isn’t a lot, it is pretty good among these sander types.

The speed settings this sander offers are low, fast, and medium, and you can change among them with just a push of a button. The main purpose of this sander is to use it for the overall finish. It has an ergonomic design, and the body and the grip are really comfortable to use.

This sander has a dust collecting system which is great in keeping the work environment clean and dust free. Besides that, it offers a pad control system that can control the pad speed when you turn the tool on. It is a durable tool that has a long life because of the sealed over-sized construction and the sealed switch. Another great thing about this tool is that it has computer controls that make sure that the tool doesn’t overload, overheads, and over discharges.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable(has sealed switch and construction)
  • Collects dust
  • Has three-speed settings(low, medium, and high)
  • Has a computer control which makes sure that it doesn’t overload
  • You don’t get the battery with it

6. Skil 7492-02

SKIL 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander With Pressure Control
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Doesn’t matter if you have a big project that you have to work on or you have some little things to adjust in an already finished project, this is the sander for you. The pad on this sander is five inches, which means that this is the ideal solution if you need a standard model which is a little cheaper than others.

As for the features, this sander has a pressure control system which lets you know when you are applying the right amount of pressure and also warns you when you are applying too much pressure on your project. When using this sander, you won’t have to worry about the gouging because it offers a pad brake that makes sure this doesn’t happen. Also, it offers a finish that is swirl free.

When using this tool, your working surface will be clean because it has a micro-filtration system that contains and captures

. Also, it is durable, and it is greatly protected from the dust because it has a sealed switch, meaning that it has a long life.

Another great thing is that the canister where the dust is being held is clear, which means that you will always know when to empty it.

  • Has a pad that is five inches
  • Cheap standard model
  • Has a pressure control system
  • No gouging
  • Swirl free finish
  • Has a micro-filtration system
  • Isn’t good for vertical surfaces
  • Some have complained that it died within several uses

7. Festool 571817

Festool, 574993, Random Orbital Sander, ETS 125 REQ-Plus USA
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This sander is one of the better-known tools on the market. The great thing about this sander is that you can use it for max surface quality when pre-sanding or finishing and also, you can use it for good sanding strokes.

Even though this one is a bit more expensive then what you are used to, still it is really worth the money. This sander is only 2,4 pounds which means that it is compact and really light to use. If your job requires you sanding vertical surfaces or surfaces that are over your head, this 5-inch pad sander is the ideal tool for you.

It has features like the vibration-stop balancing and sanding pad brake, and these two put this sander in its own special category. The design of this sander makes it possible for it to fit any type of hand. It is lightweight and compact which makes overhead or vertical use much easier. The speed of this tool can be easily adjusted according to the requirements you need.

This fantastic sander delivers amazing finish results with smooth operation while also offering great comfort. Also, it has a vibration stop design that is balanced. If you are ready to spend a little more money, then you should not miss out on this perfection.

  • Weighs only 2,4 pounds
  • Great for vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Has a sanding pad brake
  • Has a vibration-stop balancing
  • Fits any type of hand due to its design
  • A bit more expensive

8. Makita BO5041K

Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit
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This orbit sander has a case for its variable speed tool. It combines power and speed with an adjustable and well-built handle that ensures a good grip with the right control. This tool is the perfect thing for most finish carpenters, general contractors, and most woodworkers.

It offers an over-sized ball bearing that is sealed and a 3-amp motor. Because of the ball bearing construction, this sander can have a long life. Like in other sanders of this type, this one also offers a variable speed dial that ranges from 4,000 OPM to 12,000 OPM. The fact that it has a special dial for adjusting sanding speed. Among other things this tool has are the five-inch pad and a large two finger trigger switch that is placed on the lock-on switch.

  • Has a case for the variable speed tool
  • Perfect for carpenters, contractors, and woodworkers
  • Has a sealed construction which means that it is durable
  • The speed ranges from 4,000 OPM to 12,000 OPM
  • So far there haven’t been many complaints about this product

9. Porter-Cable 382

PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (382)
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This is the perfect tool for removing old paint, varnish, and coating, for cleaning, and mostly for preparation. The pad is five inches and the motor is 1.9 AMP which makes the speed of sanding go over 12,000 OPM for smoother finishes. It is a lightweight sander and it is user-friendly. It has a dual plane and it features a balanced fan that reduces fatigue when working on longer projects.

  • Lightweight
  • Speed over 12,000 OPM
  • Has a controlled finishing system
  • Has a sealed switch for protection
  • Customers have complained that it wasn’t aggressive enough

10. Bosch ROS20VSK

BOSCH ROS20VSK Palm Sander - 2.5 Amp 5 in. Corded Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander/Polisher Kit with Dust Collector and Hard Carrying Case, Blue
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This is the kit version of the Bosch we have already mentioned. This amazing tool has a braking system that makes the sander swirl free. With this sander, you get a pad that is five inches. This is a great product if you want to make things smoother as possible in the fastest way possible.

It also has a micro-cellular pad that ensures a fine and smooth finish on flat and contoured surfaces.

  • Has a dampening braking system
  • Speed ranges from 7,500 OPM to 12,000 OPM
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Customers haven’t made any complaints yet

Random orbital sander- What is it?

This is a tool that is made for sanding, and it is a tool that is hand-held. It offers a blade used for sanding and it gives you random-orbit action. This means that it offers a variable head and disk. These type of sanders combine the aggressiveness of belt sanders and speed, and this way producing a tool that provides a smoother finish. You can see this when using a standard sander at lower speed rates.

You can find different types of random orbital sanders like electric powered, air powered, and orbital floor sanders. The air and electric powered ones are most commonly hand-held, while the floor ones are most commonly huge machines that need to be rolled around. It is perfect for automotive, marine, polishing, and sanding projects.

How do you choose the belt sander?

There are a few things you need to consider before buying a sander, and those are:

  • Budget- Most sanders of this type are relatively cheap. Unlike other power tools that can be really expensive. The price range that you will see here won’t vary too much. Therefore, it would be smart to spend a little more money so that you can get yourself a better product.
  • Pad size– From five to seven inches range the average pad size. Some can go higher, while others lower, but if you stick between these two sizes, you should be all right for most of the projects you are working on.
  • Additive features– A handy sanding/polishing pad, dust bag with dust collection, and a built-in vacuum are among other features that can be included in your random orbital sander. Depending on the ones you are interested in, the price will change. But again, if you plan on using it for a longer time, it is better to spend more money.


We know that it can be hard to find the right random orbital sander considering how much of them you can find on the market. Therefore, just follow our list and you should be okay. Also, when you are buying, it is better to spend some more money so that you can get the right thing that will have a longer life. This way, you won’t be spending money all the time for repairs, which can get pretty expensive.

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