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The 10 Best Pruning Saws 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

When you need the most suitable tool to clean up your lawn but possess a tight budget, the best pruning saws always come at the rescue. Not only are the pruning saws cheap, but they also are a very efficient tool. Unfortunately, the pruning saws remain unutilized.

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There are different kinds of pruning saws- hand-held pruning saws, straight head pruning saws, curved blade pruning saws, and pole pruning saws. Depending on the kind of work, you can choose the type of pruning saws, which is most suitable for the task.

First of all, you must know what you are looking for in a pruning saw to choose a model which offers life long of easy and happy service.  

1. F-180 folding saw

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The F-180 folding saw tops the list of the best pruning saw 2021. The 8-inch pruning saw possess with a long-lasting steel blade. Its TPI is 9 and the blade is made of durable carbon steel. The pruning saw possess impulse hardening technology in which the teeth of the blade gets heated instantly and become hard. The remaining portion of the blade retains its usual flexibility. The 8-inch blade is uncoated to minimize friction, which helps in sliding the blade smoothly through the branch or anything, which you wish to cut. The hardened teeth are shaper and harder. The versatility of the pruning saws enables you to use them while pruning, trimming, landscaping, woodworking, trail maintenance, camping, and general outdoor purposes.

Furthermore, the anti-slip and ergonomic design of the handle provides you the desired comfort and firmness to work. Also, the blade folds perfectly into the handle for secure and easy storage. The F180 pruning saw can be folded into two angles depending on the requirement of the cut.

2. Corona Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw

Corona RS 7265D RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, 10-Inch
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Looking for an efficient and affordable option? Corona razor tooth folding pruning saw is the one you need.

The Corona razor tooth folding pruning saw comes with an excellent 3-faced razor tooth, which makes it the best pruning, saw for trees. The razor teeth of the blade are hardened which stays strong for long-period and helps in sawing at a good rate. The blade is made of carbon steel which is credential for durability and wear-resistant feature of the saw. The comfortable and ergonomic co-molded handle makes it easy to use and carry the pruning saw. The fully impulse-hardened blade measures 7.7 inches. Also, the blades slide in the handle efficiently for convenient handling and easy storage. Moreover, it possesses a convenient lock system, which locks the blade in the handle and provides additional security. Also, the blade can be replaced to make sure that you can use the pruning saws for several years.

3. Tarvol 14-Inch Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (Razor Sharp 14
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Get you confidence on Tarvol Pruning Saw to get longer strokes and smoother cuts. The Tarvol Pruning saw has a long blade size of 14 inches, which makes it easy to trim and cut trees and branches. The rust-resistant handsaw is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. The curved blade fits perfectly around the long, which aids you in cutting. Also, the curve of the blade helps it to stay on its track and helps you to deliver efficient and smooth cuts. The pruning saw delivers trustworthiness, reliability, and flexibility while working.

The saw is light in weight, which makes it easy to carry it everywhere. You just need to fold the saw and you can carry it everywhere securely. The rugged handles provide additional grip and are made of anti-slip material to provide increased comfort while working. The size of the blade perfectly accommodates hands of any size. Moreover, the rugged razor tooth blade maintains its position even during strong pulls which results in the delivery of precise cuts.

4. Silky BIGBOY 2000 Zuban Folding Landscaping Pruning Saw

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If you are looking for a tool to cut bigger materials than what the usual pruning saws can cut, the Silky BigBoy 2000 pruning saws are a great option for you. The Silky BigBoy 2000 is a new addition in the professional series of Zuban professional pruning saw. The pruning saw possess a heavy-duty tough blade which measures 14-inches. The blade can deliver cuts into both green and dry wood with the utmost ease. The versatile folding pruning saw helps in to perform several applications such as construction and trimming. The tough, thick and strong handle of the saw is made of aluminum and is designed to address heavy-duty tasks. In addition, the handle possesses a non-slip property, which provides a strong grip to the user. The Silky Zuban professional series pruning saws come with a durable polypropylene sheath with a belt holder, which can be detached when required. The Silky Zuban pruning saws is an exceptional choice if you wish performance and maximum efficiency. 

5. Silky 143-18 Folding Landscaping Pruning Saw

Silky F180 Folding Hand Pruning Saw 143-18 with Replacement Blade 144-18 (Bundle, 2 Items)
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The Silky 144-18 pruning saw is made with Japanese steel to make to impart high-quality and durability to the saw. The light-weight and compact pruning saw are easy to carry and the blade measuring 7-inches is suitable for performing several applications. The highly-versatile pruning saw can be used to perform several tasks such as pruning, hunting, and outdoor activities.

The Silky 143-18 pruning saw possess Razor Tooth technology and blades measuring 18-inches. The blade possesses maximum sharpness as each of the teeth is triple-grounded. Also, the multi-faceted angles increase the precision of cuts and wood removal. The impulse-hardened teeth are highly durable and the blade is treated with heat to increase its life. Furthermore, the chrome-finish coating delivers smooth and even cutting and blade resilience. The non-slip ergonomic D-shaped handle provides utmost comfort while performing the task. Also, the pruning saw possess dual-position locking angles for increased security and the rubberized handles offer a firm grip.

6. Flora Guard 7.7-inch folding pruning saw

FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw, Camping/Pruning Saw with Rugged 7.7 Inch Blades Professional Folding Saw Razor Tooth Sharp Blade Solid Grip(Red)
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The Flora Guard pruning saw is an affordable choice, which delivers quality. The Flora Guard folding pruning saws are an excellent choice for cutting large branches of trees. The triple-cut razor teeth are hardened to stay sharp for fast and smooth sawing. The hardened steel blade is ergonomic and durable and offers a firm grip of the handle while offering maximum security and comfort while working. The blade measures 7.7-inches and possess anti-rust property. Furthermore, the convenient safety lock of the pruning saw possesses a dual-stage locking system to help you store the pruning saw safely.

7. Tabor Tools TTS25A Folding Saw

TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw with 8 Inch Curved Blade and Rugged Grip Handle, Hand Saw for Pruning Trees, Trimming Branches, Camping, Clearing Forest Trails. TTS25A. (Curved Blade 8 Inch) 
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Looking for a tough and durable pruning saw on a low budget? The Tabor Tools TTS25A folding saw will work well for you. the saw consists of a blade measuring 8-inches and possess rugged grip which makes it a versatile tool and you can use it to perform other tasks such as clearing trails apart from pruning. The Tabor pruning saw makes use of a locking system which is convenient and easy to use while the handle functions as a sheath and scabbard for the blade.

The curved power blade can be used to cut branches with a thickness measuring up to 4-inches. The curve of the blade encircles the log perfectly to help you deliver faster and smooth cuts. The blade stays on its track while pulling and deliver satisfying deep cuts. Moreover, the anti-resistant property of the blade makes it last longer.

Just throw the lightweight saw in your backpack and carry it wherever you want. It is a great tool to carry when you are constructing shelter, camping or need to arrange a campfire. You just need to take it out from your bag and unlock the saw to use it. Moreover, the Tabor Tools possess non-slip grip which enables you to work even with slippery hands. The size of the handle will fit perfectly with any size of the hand.

8. Silky Zubat 13-Inch Professional Pruning Saw

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If budget is not your concern, then Silky Zubat 13-inch Professional Pruning saws will leave no chance to impress you. It is one of the most durable and toughest pruning saws made of Japanese steel. Also, components of the saw such as screws, washers are made of high-quality material to make sure that the handle connection is secure. The full tang blade imparts increased stability while delivering cuts and eliminates the risks of breaking. Besides, the safe interface amidst the blade and handle eliminates the risk of breakage.

The Silky Zubat pruning saw is a great choice for at-home users and arborist makers. The handle of the blade possesses a non-slip and firm grip for increased comfort while working. You also get professional style scabbard which consists of loops for leg straps. The dual-roller system secures the entry of the blade into the scabbard.

The pruning saw offers maximum efficiency and high-grade performance. The Silky ZUbat possess a heavy-duty, professional, mono-constructed blade which offers enhanced and precise cutting by putting in lesser efforts. Moreover, the blade of the pruning saw can be replaced.

9. Corona RS 7510 Razor Tooth 18-Inch Pruning Saw

Corona Razor Tooth Saw
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The Corona blade has a long blade and is an ideal choice of pruning saws if you wish for one using which you can deliver cuts in thick branches. The Corona RS 7510 Razor tooth possesses a blade measuring 18-inches and can deliver cuts in logs whose thickness vary from 9 to 10 inches. All thanks to the co-molded ergonomic handle which possess a pistol grip which increases the comfort of the user while using the pruning saw. Besides, the D-shaped handle increases the grip of the handle while working.

The pruning saw is made using Japanese steel, which imparts durability and toughness to the pruning saw. The Corona RS 7510 razor tooth 18-inch pruning saw delivers smooth action. The chrome-finish coat makes it blade resilience. Moreover, the blade is treated with heat to increase the strength and life of the blade.

The blade of the pruning saw possesses focused impulse hardened teeth, which are triple-grounded to build multi-faceted angled to enhance efficiency while working. The saw delivers 2 times faster cuts and the chrome-plated blades improve the efficiency of the cuts.

 10. Samurai Ichiban 13-inch Curved Pruning Saw

Samurai Ichiban 13
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The unique curve of the Samurai Ichiban 13-inch curved pruning saws offers the pruning saw a distinct look while making it comfortable and easy to hold. The 13-inches blade is tough and delivers precise cuts. It possesses impulse-hardened teeth, which are extremely sharp. The rugged handle, which is coated with soft rubber, possesses finger grooves, which provides a firm grip and makes it comfortable to work for longer hours while imparting a secure grip. The pruning saw consists of a scabbard, which makes it handy for storage and stores it safely when it is not in use.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are investing – whether big or small- you need to be very sure that you make the most out of it. Similarly, when you are purchasing a pruning saw, you must know some basic things and must be able to make some fundamental considerations.

Build Quality

The build quality of the pruning saw is the most important consideration, which you must make. You can get a pruning saw, which lasts for long and stays sharp at an economical price but you need to do the purchase from a reputable brand. In addition, you need to make sure that the parts of the saw are made from good quality material.

Initial consideration must be made of the build quality of the handle- whether it is made from hybrid rubber or plastic or low-grade plastic. Your pruning saw will be of no use if the handle of the saw breaks. Thus, it is advisable to buy a pruning saw, which has an excellent handle strength. Besides, it would be better if the handles possess more than one connection spot to the blade.


Irrespective of the type of pruning saw you buy, the blade of the pruning saw is one of the major factors to be considered. You must make sure that the blade of the pruning saws is thin. However, at the same time, its thinness must not be less than 1.5 mm. A blade can be thin and still possess durability and strength. However, if it starts getting thinner, its quality is expected to fail.

Furthermore, if the length of the blade is longer, you will get an additional reach and longer cutting capacity. They are less likely to pull out in the mid of the cut. A longer length of the blade gets your longer strokes and thus, smoother cutting.

However, your selection depends on the intended purpose.


The size and quality of the handle have a major impact on the performance of the pruning saw. To make good and smooth cuts, the handle must be comfortable enough. The material using, which the handle is made and its construction decide its comfort. 

The handle of the pruning saw must fit your hand perfectly. Also, it must possess shock absorbent and non-slip properties.


The actual cutting is performed by the teeth on the blade of the saw. You must consider two major things about teeth- their size and tooth per inch (TPI). Also, the tooth per inch is a function of the size of the teeth.

The teeth have four sizes- extra-large, large, medium, and fine.

Fine teeth serve excellent when you need to make fine cuts. Medium teeth render cleaner cuts while the larger cut more aggressively and faster. Extra-large teeth will cut most aggressively and fastest.

Besides, the TPI decides the finish of the cut. If the cut is slow, more TPI will deliver a precise cut. Whereas, if the cut is faster, more TPI will result in a rough cut.


Weight of the saw impacts the cutting and ease of handling. The weight of the saw is highly influenced by the thickness and type of branch, which you wish to cut.

Heavy-duty models are ideal for dealing with tougher and thicker branches.

Type of pruning saw

There are four kinds of pruning saws. Depending on the application, the selection of saws varies.

The handheld pruning saw, is usually preferred by homeowners. The hand saw can cut thick as well as thinner ones. These are the best pruning saws for fruit trees.

Besides, the best pruning saw for trees are straight blade pruning saw and it is great for dealing with sap and greenwood. On the other hand, curved blade pruning saw is great for heavy-duty cutting. Whereas, Pole Pruning saws deal nicely with hard-to-reach and high branches. Their tilting and rotating blades help to keep the blade at the desired angle. They make the best pruning saws for hunting.


The pruning saw is an important tool, which you will need whether you need to chop down a tree or to give a shape to your plants and trees. Choosing the best pruning saw is a difficult task as there are different kinds of pruning saws and each kind caters to different needs. Thus, you must keep the applications in mind while making the purchase.

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