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The 10 Best Pocket Hole Jigs 2021 Reviews

Are you simply tired of your DIY furniture? Then it is time for you to find out the best pocket hole jig. This helps to combine the two pieces of wood in best possible way. This pocket hole jig becomes a perfect tool for creating excellent furniture in an easy way. The pocket hole jig forms to be one of the perfect tool which enables the joining of two pieces of wood together. Just like all the tools the pocket hole jigs are different from each other. But before you choose the perfect one it is time to check out the characteristic of each one. In case you buy a wrong tool you can totally waste the time and money. Here we shall try our best to cover everything that must be needed before you buy a best pocket hole jig for DIY.

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1. Kreg 320 Pocket Hole Jig

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 320 (Pocket Hole Jig 320)
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This is one of the top in the list of best seller. Infact this is one of the best pocket hole jig. The product has the clamp adjusted to it. The handle can be easily moved in the front in the jig’s front. This product is something excellent made by Kreg. The wood’s thickness and the screws length is adjustable and it is really simple. The wings which are supportive to hold screws can be attached easily and in a secured way.


  • Has a front mounted handle clamp
  • It has been built in storage just like accessories and bits
  • It is in the top of line dust collection
  • The stop mounts are adjustable having high quality precision
  • Has high rating
  • Can be set up incredibly easily
  • It’s both portable and durable
  • Can be adjusted as per your needs
  • Seems to be a bit priced thus depending on budget

2. Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

Kreg K4 Pocket HoleJig System (K4 Jig)
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 Though being a popular one in the list, this particular product of Kreg is not so good. This product has limitation, though it functions well. But if you are expecting too much from it then it is time for you to correct the mistakes. It has a template for base which makes adjustment. The product is constructed on toggle clamp.The four bolts are required for attaching it to the toggle clamp at the base. You must buy the product from a hardware store locally.


  • Provides with a guide having 3 holes for the pocket holes
  • Theremovable guide to drill gives the guarantee that this is the perfect tool
  • Drill guide seems to be like a useful tool for repair
  • Completely devoid of any glue, or any clamps.
  • The template is good
  • The C-clamp is nice
  • The tightening needed is constant
  • This is not the best case

3. Massca with Twin Hole-easy to adjust jig hole

Massca Twin Pocket Hole Jig Set – Adjustable & Easy to Use Joinery Woodworking Tool w/Drill Bit, Hex Key & Stop Collar – For DIY Carpentry Projects
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The product comes out to be one of the best pocket hole for diy. This is very unique and magnetic which can be adjusted quickly. The design is rapid thus providing a simple operation which makes it one of the fastest and easily available jigs. The design is a quality one.


  • The marking is not necessary when we are using the jig.
  • It operates really fast and the joints can be drilled quickly.
  • The massca has a hardened drilling guide that supplies a long life
  • This is used for the creation of perfect wood working holes thus repairing the wood joints
  • This is perfect for the joinery woodworking DIY carpentry projects
  • The magnetic system helps to adjust it quickly
  • Rapid design which provides excellent operation
  • The carpentry accessories needed are extra

4. Kreg Junior Pocket Hole Jig

Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System with KHC-MICRO Face Clamp, 2
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Yes, the word junior is the best term to be used here. The pocket hole jig is not much in size, price or features. It’s size definitely makes it portable. This model is appropriate for the beginners for its simple mechanism. Infact this is another one to be ranked as the best pocket hole jig for DIY.


  • This is amazing repair jig having exceptionally handy tool collection
  • Easily usable and installed
  • The metal drill guide is solid
  • In case you are crawling under the table for making it a quick repair or you are travelling
  • Can be adjusted easily
  • Can be used easily
  • This is portable
  • Pocket holes are good
  • The price is affordable
  • The plastic material it contains is really cheap
  • The kit doesn’t need any clamp

5. Pocket Hole 560 jig System Porter Cable

PORTER-CABLE QUIKJIG Pocket Hole Jig & Joinery System (560)
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This design is extremely well thought out and though the design comes out to be dangerous at a first glance but this is actually very easy for operation. You need not change the lock collar when the thickness of the wood can be changed. The base is of the same size like 24×4. The pocket hole jig forms to be one of the best-selling. Once you set up the drill bit you can simply put the wood in it.


  • The depth control system is automatic thus allowing easy setting for different material thickness
  • It’s variable spaced bushing allows a variety of positions for any pocket hole
  • It’s self-adjusting clamp automatically adjusts to the material thickness
  • Easy for setting up and use
  • Hard with ½ board
  • Is not so good when some other options are used

6. 1323 MILESCRAFT 200 PocketJig Kit

Milescraft 1323 PocketJig200 Kit - Complete Pocket Hole Kit with Jig, Bit, Screws and Drivers,Black/Red
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 Till date, this forms to be one of the best pocket hole jig of 2021, in terms of ranking. This one is the best pocket hole jig for the DIY. This is built with imperial along with the metric scale thus allowing the measurement of thickness of the work. The pocket hole jig comes with 4 common board thickness. The pocket hole jig has an easy to read out arrow and helps to define the thickness of the board.


  • Has four board thickness option
  • Devoid of fence setting thus becoming suitable for the smaller projects
  • Has hard steel drill brushes
  • The clamping magnet is of high quality
  • The weight is light
  • The design is small and compact
  • Affordable for any budget
  • The mechanism is precise and appropriate
  • Is unable to handle the larger projects
  • Plastic case makes it very delicate to handle

7. General Aluminium Pocket Hole jig 850

General Tools 850, EZ Pro Deluxe Pocket Hole Jig Kit (Pack of 6 pcs)
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 This pocket hole jig has a clamp and step drill. It’s steel stop collar, square shaped screw drives carry the case accurately. The jig does create a flush, corners together with the angle pocket hole joints. This one is idealfor connecting the leg and rail. This product fixes the screw at hard areas.It helps to fasten the picture frames thus it has the applications which is unlimited. Expert and efficient DIYers and craftsmen uses the jig kit to build the wood working project.


  • This pocket hole is absolutely perfect to make the corners, the angles and the flush joints
  • This one has a built-in clamp
  • Includes a full proof aluminium pocket hole jig kit
  • The warranty is lifetime
  • The durability is heavy
  • This is designed for handling good amount of task
  • This is both lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has a pocket hole jig which is of lower quality.

8. 850 Heavy All in one Pocket Hole Jig

General Tools 850 Heavy Duty, All-In-One Aluminum Pocket Hole Jig Kit, 76 Piece Set With Carrying Case
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This pocket hole jig has a dual facility system. This is less comprehensive than Kreg or Porter but this is applicable for novice workers. This is most beneficial and suitable for every needs. The jig is manufactured with aluminium thus ensuring its durability. This jig is benchtop thus enabling the clamping and quick working. This jig is even more attractive for its benchtop model. It has a collar depth and the Allen wrench that helps it to adjust.


  • Manufactured of brushed aluminium thus ensuring long lasting
  • The jig is very handy and used to drill very quickly
  • It has an all in one facility and is handy
  • Has a warranty for life-time
  • The drilling of steep counter bores is perfect with this jig
  • Has a dual pocket hole jig
  • Provides with wooden plugs and screws
  • The twist clamp is extremely adjustable
  • With a single piece it is difficult for using on the completed projects
  • Devoid of any markers

9. Ossava Twin Pocket hole jig for wood and carpentry projects

Osaava 47709 Twin Pocket Hole Tool Jig Kit, for Woodworking DIY Carpentry Projects
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This pocket hole jig having 3/8 diameter with a six square driver. This has everything needed for durable and compact project. The pocket hole jig joins the timber and the materials. The jig helps to create flush and the corner angles. This has an inbuilt drill depth thus making the operation faster. It set up gauge for the rapid drilling of the material dimension. It is 100 percent portable. The hardened drill is guiding for a long time.  


  • The plastic which is used is not very expensive
  • Is portable
  • 100% refundable if not satisfactory
  • Is for setting the rapid drilling of the joint
  • The pocket hole is 3/8” in diameter, 6” long square driver
  • The case is nice
  • The plastic is cheap
  • The advertising is deceptive
  • Has no clamp
  • The settings are not accurate
  • The slippage is constant

10. Kreg MKJKIT Mini Kreg Jig Kit

Kreg MKJKIT Mini Kreg Jig Kit
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 This kit makes joining very easy. The fence design it has doesn’t make it easy to position. This hole jig is ideally perfect for any type of repair of the furniture or any type of floor work. This has included with it the 3/8 inch step drilling bit. The depth collar is also there and the Allen wrench. This comes handy for the applications of the repair and the areas which are constricted to space.


  • The model is simple having a compact design
  • The material thickness and the positioning of the width is perfect
  • The drilling guide for the steel has a lifetime warranty
  • The wooden chipping relief hole makes it easy for drilling
  • The nylon body is strengthened with glass
  • The design is extremely simple
  • It’s plug setting is very easy and fast and safe
  • The hardened drill is a bit deflecting
  • The positioning fence is not included

Guide to know the best pocket hole

When you are buying a pocket hole jig, you must consider several features.

Why to use the pocket hole in first place?

Are you a beginner or you are a master in craftsman? The most important hallmarks for you is to hide the joints.  This is mostly true when you are using the screws, dowels or the dovetails.

Here are some important features:

How you use it?

Yes, this is one of the most important things to consider and be honest about why you are buying the jig. If you use it once in a while, then don’t go for an expensive option. Just make it with durable materials that will last longer.

Include the drills:

When using an old drill, you could find that these drills are not long enough. So you must find a kit providing a bit for you.

Need for accessories:

The jigs which are available today are going to come from the necessary clamps and other materials. However, it doesn’t mean that everything is necessary for function. So you should make sure that proper attention is paid for jig system direction.

How speedily it works?

The most important purpose of finding any jig is to make sure that it works precisely and with an increased speed so that the projects can be completed. So the jig which is less complicated doesn’t work speedily.


So in this article we have tried to cover every single details of buying the best pocket jigs. Every carpenter whether he is a newcomer or a master craftsman needs a proper buying guide and details of the product before choosing the proper pocket hole jig for DIY. Be careful of choosing the best pocket hole jig. With so many options which pocket hole you choose is very often a confusing experience. It’s time to choose the pocket hole which can be accomplished which will be needed today and for the upcoming projects in near future.

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