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Top 5 Best Nail Pullers Review & Topicks

Taking out nails can be a pain, and sometimes you need something that will do it better than a hammer would. Luckily, we have a solution for you. Here, we’ll give you the best nail puller choices to make taking out nails even better, and we’ll even give you the best nail puller for large nails, and the best nail puller tool that does more than pull out nails.

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#1. Bates nail Puller tool – Best Overall

This is an 11-inch nail puller and is made of high-carbon steel in order to last a long time and won’t rust over.

It has a soft plastic grip that is easy to hold, and it can remove nails even from damaged wood. It is the best nail puller tool because it’s more than just a nail puller, but also pliers, a staple puller, and it can pull trim and also be used as nail pliers.  It is a versatile tool that any carpenter can use, and is perfect for home improvement projects.

It is the best nail puller because it can also help take out nails from pretty much anywhere, and is a valuable tool in installing floors as well.

Some users report it does require a bit of leverage for really big nails, and it doesn’t remove easily on soft wood or pulling from hard deck wood. But otherwise it’s a great universal nail pulling tool and the best nail puller you can use.

  • Used for a variety of different activities other than nail pulling
  • Has good grip
  • Great for most nails
  • Can pull nails out of rotted wood
  • Not good for large nails

#2. Bates 7 Inch Nail Puller – Best Nail Puller Tool for Small Nails

This is another popular Bates  product, but this time for smaller nails.  It can also be used for cutting pliers, and also will pull out staples as well.  It is made from high carbon steel for a high-quality long-lasting experience. It also has a plastic coated grip that can be used to prevent rust as well.

These can be used as nipper pliers to cut wires as well.  You can also use this to pull out wires and nails too, along with staples.

This is a very handy tool for installing new flooring and construction, but due to the size of this, it isn’t ideal for larger nails. Some users also say they are kind of flimsy, and don’t grasp some staples very well.

  • Simple tool, offers many cutting and pulling users
  • Great for pulling out small nails
  • Not good for cutting, ideal for pulling
  • Doesn’t always fit over the nail head to pull it

#3. Hultafors Tools 82003OU Nail Puller ATLE- Best Nail Puller for Large Nails

This nail puller is best used with a carpenter’s hammer and you can use a claw to pull this out.  It’s strong and made from steel.

It has the leverage to easily pull out a 5-inch nail, so it’s the best nail puller for large nails because it has the force and leverage to pull out even the toughest of nails.

It also is the best nail puller for large nails because it can pull out nails buried deep within the wood.  Despite its strength, it’s compact enough to fit in your toolbox.

It has an attractive red color too so it stands out in your toolbox.

It is small and attractive, but if the nail is too deep sometimes it creates the opposite effect and drives the nail deeper into the wood.

  • Small and attractive design
  • Offers next-level performance
  • Does minimal material damage despite how strong it is
  • Will not let go of the nail once it’s on there
  • Perfect for large nails and the best nail puller for large nails
  • Some users report if the nail is buried too deep it may not pull it out.
  • More expensive than the other nail pullers on the list

#4. Estwing Nail Puller – Best Nail Puller Tool for Leverage

Part of the reason why some carpenters struggle with nail pulling is the lack of leverage, but this is the best nail puller tool where leverage is concerned.

This nail puller tool is the most durable of tools, and it works both in large and small spaces.  This is also the best nail puller tool to pull out nails from confined spaces, and even comes with a claw to remove headless nails while also minimizing the damage to the wood.  This high-leverage design makes it the best nail puller tool for even the toughest nails buried in there.

This is a nail puller tool made for the pros, and being less than $15 makes it even better.

Some users do report that it doesn’t ground evenly in some cases, and had to replace it with another due to the sharpness on the end. Some also say it’s hard to grip these if it’s not fastened all the way in there.

  • Best nail puller for leverage
  • Made with a tough and strong design
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap and efficient
  • Has a claw to get the nails buried within
  • May not have a sharp claw on the end
  • Doesn’t always pull the nails out easily and without damaging the wood

#5. Crescent 11” Nail Puller Pliers – Best Nail Puller tool for Large Nail Heads

This is the best nail puller tool if you’re looking for something that is more like pliers. It can take out nails from both the front and the back of the wood, and also offers complete flexibility in order to help users extract nails of different sizes.

It works well with large nail heads, and you can pull out the nail even if the head is damaged. It is made with enforced steel, along with dual handles to make it easy to grip, remove, or roll nails, which makes it one of the best nail puller 2021 tools.

Some users do report that it’s hard to always get a grip on nails with these, and the clamping part doesn’t always have enough grip to it.

  • Easy to use
  • Great for large nail heads
  • Comfortable grip with decent leverage
  • Not always a consistent clamping grip to it

Best Nail Pullers Buying Guide

Nail Pulling Power

You need to consider how much force you need for this.  Some of these are good for big nails which may need a bit more. They also may be good for nails embedded below the surface.

You might want to also think about how much force you have based on the size of the handle. If the handle is longer, you won’t have enough force.  You should consider a nail puller that fits in your hands, but also offers decent pulling power.

Ergonomic Grip

Pulling out nails requires you to have a comfortable grip, so getting one with an easy grip to use.  You want one that doesn’t also feel awkward in your hands so you can pull deep below the surface

Size of Camp

If the clamp is not large enough, it may not work for larger nails.  You should make sure you can pull the nail out with the clamp, and it offers enough of a grip to remove it.

Compact for Small spaces

You should look at the small spaces you’re working in. If you’re working on a deck, you don’t have to worry about this, but for smaller enclosures, the best nail puller tool might be something small enough to fit into these spaces.

You can get a pliers style that’s a nail puller that removes from the top down so you don’t need too much horizontally. The other is a lever style which you may need more space for.

Choosing the Best Nail Puller Tool

The best nail puller 2021 for you is one that accomplishes the job. Really, if your nail puller tool does that, then it works.  You might want to consider one for larger nails if you’re working on a deck that has those.


The best nail puller 2021 is really based on what kind of nail puller you need. But the Bates Nail puller is the best overall for pulling out nails and also to cut wires too.

The Crescent nail puller is the best nail puller for if you’re looking for something that fits into small spaces.

Finally, if you’re looking for leverage, then the best nail puller for large nails that provides leverage is, of course, the Estwing nail puller.

All of these nail pullers are great tools to use, and you can choose the best nail puller 2021 for your carpentry needs. Most of these work on a variety of nail heads, and make the otherwise annoying process of removing nails all that much easier.

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