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Top 10 Best Metal Files 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

The best metal files with ergonomic structure offer a great facility to homeowners, shop owners, and other metalworkers. Other than that, there are lots of professional applications for these file sets. They are commonly used to sharpen knives or clean up any steel surfaces. Wood surfaces can also be smoothened with such kind of tools. You can find them in a variety of sizes and shapes, so there’s the best chance to experiment with their different uses.

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Given below are the ten best sets of metal files with respective qualities. If we consider quality with regards to price, all our top picks are quite reasonable.

Top 10 Best Metal Files Review

1 – Rexbeti Premium Grade T12 16-pcs Shaping Tool

What if you get high-quality metal files in large numbers? Its 16 pieces alloy steel file set by Rexbeti. The set consists of 4 large files and 12 precision needle files. By having the ergonomic structure, you will feel the difference. All these are provided in a compact carrying bag with a fraternal organization of each file. Your hands would love to use those tools with rubber soft and long handles.

Professionals are already using these tools for fox precision for metal, wood, glass, mirror, leather, tile, ceramics, and plastic. You can use them at any place such as worksite, garage, home, workshop, or any other job site. Plus, it’s highly portable to carry around. If we look at the price, it’s reasonable at all. Well, we would like to suggest the use of a grinder or sander to maintain the files.

2 – Preciva File Set 16-Pcs

Here’s another ergonomic pick by Preciva. Save most of your labor with this 16-pieces metal files set with worth noting specs. The 4-big pieces consist of the triangle, flat, round large, and half-round files. Now, it’s been super easy to maintain the files with a provided scratch brush. The material of files is built with high-quality carbon steel, which can deburr any kind of materials such as metal, wood, or leather.

Even if you are doing any kind of DIY manufacturing project, this is the ultimate file set by Preciva with a protective carrying case. When you get these types of all-rounder files, you will not have to go and separately buy files. However, you are also provided with a user manual guide for more information on usage. It’s very convenient to handle the files with rubber soft and solid handles.

3 – Kapoua 6-Pcs Needle Metal Files Set

They are charging almost $1 for every file. It’s a set of 6 pieces file set by Kapoua, including different shaping. The texture of each file is finely grained to offer a high level of precision on metal or another similar surface. The structure may look small as compared to other picks, but all of them are ergonomic enough to handle portably and use efficiently. We would highly suggest these best metal files set for beginners.

You will get a variety of application ranges with the set. They have incorporated double grain pattern technology to increase the durability and performance of files in the long run. Furthermore, they are best called as needle file sets that are ideal for refining, removing, scraping, or reshaping different types of surfaces. The unique thing about the set is high-temperature resistance, even in such a reasonable range. Their hardness marked from 63~66HRC.

4 – Nicholson 9-pcs Metal Files Set

The set offers you with every file ranging from small to large. So, you have got all the variety in this 9-pieces metal file set by Nicholson. All of them come in an attractive black color with an American pattern. Furthermore, you will get two size options in flat, half-round, and mill files. No problem would be impossible to solve with this highly versatile file set. All these files are durable, stable, and made with high-quality carbon steel.

The files include a double extra slim taper file, half-round files, a slim-taper file, round files, flat files, and mill files. In this way, you have got all options to taper different surfaces in a variety of shapes, ergonomically designed for ease of fit in hands. A roll-up pouch provided for the proper organization of files. Every compartment is further labeled for quick use. You can carry this pouch anywhere very quickly, so that’s also a good plus point.

5 – Tacklife 11-Pcs Needle File Set

These are one of the best files in the reasonable price range by Tacklife. Round rubber and soft handles are there for ease of use of files. The set includes 10-diamond files and 1 T12 Hard file. They can be easily applied on any surface such as metal, ceramic, glass, mirror, silver, gold, and any other jewelry stone. Therefore, you are getting files not only for metal but for all other purposes as well.

The alloy steel hardness of 62HRC ensures the long life of the product with the required efficiency in performance. All kinds of files, such as triangular, round, square, half-round, crossing, and oval files, are included in the set. However, one demerit of having these files is the absence of a carrying bag. So, all you have to do is to take care of extra care for their proper organization in any handmade case. Well, the price of the product well justifies the quality.

6 – Kalim Mini 6-Pcs Metal Files Set

This Kalim Mini Needle Files Set provides lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. The set of 6 pieces are all made from heavy-duty alloy carbon steel material. They are built with rubberized handles for a soft grip. Also, the length of 6-inches is ideal for proper handing to deburr different surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic, leather, etc. With the tools, you can refine, remove, scrape, and reshape any surface with ease.

The 6-piece set consists of flat steel, half-round, round steel, square steel, triangular steel, and flat warding steel file. However, there isn’t any grit over the files, but the sanding effect provided is almost equal to the 14-grit diamond metal file. Any guy looking for small metal file sets can go with this reliable set. From ergonomics to shaping, all the files are quite durable in quality.

7 – Topec 18-Pcs Metal File Set

The Topec metal file set is a highly portable and multi-functional set. The material is built with heavy-duty carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.75%. A wide range is offered at such a budget-friendly price. Whether you are working over any DIY or professional project, the set acts as an excellent tool for multi-purpose uses. It can be used over different surfaces such as leather, wood, and metal.

Along with the high-quality product, they are also providing friendly customer service. As a gift bonus, a brush upon which you can sharpen the tools is also given. There is a roll-out pouch which is very portable to carry around different places. The handles with durable rubber structures are the loveliest part of these tools. 

8 – Four Uncles 20-Pcs Metal Files Set

Let’s get to know other best metal files 2021 by Four Uncles. The 20-Pcs metal file set is wide in variety and a little bit high on price. The high-quality material is T12 carbon steel, which provides precision along with durability. The files come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different teeth styles. Not only homeowners, professional carpenters, or similar metal workers are satisfied using this kit.

The worth noting features of the file set is versatility, and long-lasting performance. The carbon content in every file is almost 1.1%, which is also an ideal composition for tools like hammers. The texture of the tools is deeply coated and quenched for durable performance. Their after-sale services are also interesting to note. Some accessories are also provided, which proves to be quite helpful in a future case.

9 – Gardwens 18-Pcs Metal Files Set

Full of precision quality is provided with Gardwens 18-pcs metal files set. The T12 steel quality is durable and sharp with long-lasting teeth. The kit comes with easy to use roll out the pouch. The 14 needle files and 4-metal files with one cleaning brush are perfect to go with any metal scraping task. Unlike ordinary and rough surface, the dense surface of these Gardwens file set is right for multi-purposes.

There is no need to buy any separate tool as the brush is already provided within the package. The ergonomic tools are offered in an easy to carry bag. The contoured handles also improve the file motion and grip while leaving your hands less tiring. Their small structure is suitable for those delicate projects.

10 – Ticoftech 19-Pcs Metal Files Set

If you love the combination of red and black in metal tools, here’s a pick for you by Ticoftech. The 19 pieces set consists of 1 large steel file card, 4-large files, and 14 other needle files. The hardness level of HRC67 ensures precision, durability, and toughness. Its soft ergonomic handles are designed for overall comfort and control over the surface.

With the tools, you can give finishing touch to any surface such as metal, wood, ceramics, tile, glass, mirror, and so on. The structure may be relatively large, but the provided ergonomics is quite handy and comfortable to use. So, even if you are a beginner and want to explore variety, there would be no better than this set. The array also offers different cuts and precision rate with nicely contoured handles.

What Are The Different Types Of Metal Files?

Broadly speaking, there are four different types of metal files available in the market today.


When the teeth on file are provided in just one direction, it’s called a single-cut metal file. They are generally used to sharpen objects like scissors or knives without even putting a lot of pressure. They will also quickly grind as compared to other types.


The double-cut is more aggressive than single-cut files. Built with two rows of teeth made to cut in opposite directions. The double-cut knives are used to remove shape metal, rust, and smooth wood surfaces. You will require a little bit more pressure to operate them.


The files with a high number of individual teeth referred to as rasp-cut metal files. Wood surfaces are mainly smoothened with such kind of files.


As the name suggests, the file with curved edges called curved files. Used on things like fiberglass, car parts, plaster, and so on.

What Are The Different Shapes Of Metal Files?

Lots of shapes exist when we talk of metal files. Their variety in shapes helps in figuring out various surfaces and their structures, as given below.

Diamond Files

They have industrial diamonds incorporated into their surface in small particles. The usage of diamonds in this manner helps it to be effectively applied against hard surfaces such as hardened carbide or steel. It’s because they use standard steel files; in this case, it becomes quite ineffective. So, this is the mere file that is used in back and forth motion without even hurting it.

Needle Files

The cross-sectional shaped files are called as needle files. Their varying shapes and profiles enable them to be used on unusually shaped and hard to reach surfaces. Often their whole sets are sold in such a specific shape.

Hand, Mill, and Flat Files

In these files, parallel teeth are provided on a straight and flat surface.

Hand File

It’s a square-edged file with variability in thickness and similarity in width overall.

Mill File

Mill File gradually gets thin and narrow throughout the surface.

Flat File

The file is thick in the middle and thin and narrow as it goes towards the edges.

Square Files

The files consist of almost four cutting edges. They are generally applied to make big rectangular openings.

Triangle Files

The files with three cutting sides are called triangular files. They are typically known as ‘three square’ or ‘taper’ and work on less than 90-degrees. They are also used to sharpen varieties of tools.

Round Files

These ‘rat-tail’ files are often round with teeth built around them. You can make large round openings with such files. They are also helpful in smoothening the metals by deburring them.

Half-Round Files

Half-round files are available in both curved and flat surfaces. They are also available in bowl-shaped edges and surfaces.

How To Use Metal Files?

Metal files should be used very carefully for proper results. Therefore, it’s essential to hold your file securely before you even start filing different surfaces.

File In One Way

Apply stable pressure and use both your hands to work on your metal file with an away stroke. They will only work in a position of away stroke.

Lift It On The Return Stroke

Your metal file will provide the last longing and better finish if you remove it entirely from work.

Draw Filing

Any kind of single-cut metal file can be used to produce those smooth square edges.

Clean File

Clogging or Pinning of metal files can cause scratchy and rough finish in your work and even damage the teeth of a particular file. You can frequently use a file card to keep the performance at its best.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Keep your information intact with commonly asked questions by users of the best quality metal files.

How do metal files work?

It may look effortless to use a metal file as you may be thinking that you just have to grab and saw one. Just like a saw, a metal file also helps in cutting different materials using teeth. Made from high carbon steel, a typical metal file with its pressed teeth, which are further raised and cut into the steel. As a result, when these teeth are rubbed against another piece of soft material, the teeth will dig into that material and pull the bits away.

Can metal files be sharpened?

Once a metal file becomes worn, it is useless and, therefore, can be either sharpened or discarded. You can tell whether a metal file is worn or not by seeing its edge surfaces. Well, it is recommended to etch your metal file to sharpen it. While etching, you can remove the file’s handle if possible. The solution of Sulphuric acid is used for the purpose, after which you have to leave it for an hour. In the end, rinse the file correctly. Your file is now protected from rust and is sharpened enough to be used once again.

Why are metal files called bastards?

A Bastard file is one of the coarsest files on grade in an American pattern system. It generally means ‘smooth’ at the end of the scale. The name may seem little out of place, and it is one of the standard tools used among all. The Duke of Northumberland in the early 14th century has invented different tools to protect people enforce people’s punishment for late payment. And, those tools were commonly known as Bastard Files then.


So, these are the top 10 best metal files with their corresponding reviews and buying guides. Metal files are quite useful in their work to shape different metals and other similar surfaces. By having these tools in your hand, you won’t feel any kind of dissatisfaction because of their multi-purpose use.

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