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The 5 Best Makita Drills: Reviews and Guide 2021

Given the choices of several different models, it is difficult to decide which drill machine to buy. Every model has different pros and cons and therefore, an individual becomes confused before making any purchase. I also considered a list of models before I decided to buy the best Makita drill as per my needs. The given list of models of Makita drills will be a great help in deciding which drill to buy.

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The 5 Best Makita Drills Review

1. The Editor’s Pick – Makita CX200RB Cordless drill set – Makita 18v drill sets

Makita CX200RB 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless 2-Pc. Combo Kit (2.0Ah), Black
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My proffered choice for a drill would be Makita CX200RB Cordless drill set because I feel that it is the best product on the list. Also, I have my personal experience with this machine. Back in time, I used to have different machines for performing different tasks and it was not convenient at all. Then, I came across a drilling machine which can perform a multitude of tasks such as fastening, drilling, and driving. Makita CX200RB made my work easy and convenient.

The machine offers ‘assist mode’ which helps in fastening efficiently by eliminating ‘cross threading’ and ‘screw cam-out’. The machine is made with ergonomic design. Furthermore, the compact tool is less in weight and gives high performance. The compatibility and power of the tool are 18 volts. The feature due to which I gave this product a thumb up is its brushless motor, which has two settings of the speed. In addition, it has two L.E.D lights to lighten the working space. The price of the set is reasonable and its quality is excellent. Therefore, buying Makita CX200RD Cordless set would be like cracking the best deal.

  • The drill is light in weight
  • Highly compact
  • The drill offers assistance for efficient fastening
  • The battery charges quickly
  • It does not contain cords
  • High performance
  • Performs a multitude of tasks
  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult to handle the speed of the drilling machine.

2. Alternative choice – Makita drill XFD11ZV

Makita XFD11ZB 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless 1/2
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I will also give the suggestion of Makita drill XFD11ZV if the features of Makita CX200RB do not appeal to an individual. The small size and the lightweight of the drills make it comfortable to carry and work with it. In addition, the small size of the machine is of great help while doing the work in a small space. In addition, the drill is powerful and the speed of the drill can reach up to 1500 RPM. The drill gives enough torque due to which I was able to drill screws of 6 inches into a pine without putting in a bit of effort.

Furthermore, it has an LED bulb, which illuminates the area of work. However, the machine consists of only one battery and only the batteries, which come along with the set, can be used with the machine. In addition, it is difficult to rotate the switches and because of these drawbacks, I placed Makita drill XFD11ZV at the second position.

  • Powerful
  • Small in size
  • Light in weight
  • Bad design
  • The rotation of the switch of torque selector is difficult as it is located in the drill machine’s body.
  • The selector of the speed faces the same issue
  • It has only 1 battery

3. Budget pick – Makita XFD061

Makita XFD061 18V LXT Lithium-Ion COMPACT Brushless Cordless 1/2
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The choice of Makita XFD061 also appeals to me, as it is cost effective. The product offers great features in the budget, which suits my pocket. The machine provides maximum torque and a well-designed brushless motor, which performs more amount of work with a limited intake of the power supply. Along with this, the driver mode provides torque settings, which can be highly modified. Makita XFD061 is designed with technology for extreme protection, which makes it resistant to water and dust. The machine is light in weight, which reduces the fatigue of the operator while working. Along with this, the machine has a smooth grip made of rubber, which makes the grip comfortable. The ergonomic and compact design makes it easy to use. Furthermore, it has dual lights to lighten up the working area. The good-quality drill provides the torque of 530 pounds. Along with this, the motor is strong and does not make any noise.

  • Water and dust resistant
  • Light in weight
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Cordless
  • Excellent power
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Reasonable prize
  • The battery does not last long
  • The battery takes more time to charge
  • Chuck is made up of plastic

4. Upgrade quality – Makita XFD11ZB 18V LXT

Makita XFD11R1B 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless 1/2
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If I were given the option to extend my budget, then I would have definitely given Makita XFD11ZB 18V LXT a try. Though the price is high, the features and functions are worth paying the cost. The machine can perform several tasks such as driving, drilling, and many more efficiently. The machine weighs less and therefore it is easy to carry and use it. Also, the small size of the machine makes it ideal to be used in small areas. Furthermore, the brushless motor has two settings of speed, which enables it to perform several driving and drilling applications. The ergonomic design and handle made of rubber increase the ease and comfort of use. In addition, the usage of the energy of the battery is optimized which enables the machine to perform more work with a limited supply of energy. In addition, the 18 volts Lithium-ion battery charges very fast.

  • Light in weight
  • Ergonomic and Compact design
  • Perform a multitude of tasks
  • The motor has two settings of speed
  • Battery charges fast
  • Long lasting battery
  • LED lights to lighten the area of work
  • Efficient to be used in small areas
  • Expensive

5. An excellent tool for heavy work – Makita M0801B 16mm Heavy Duty Hammer Drill Machine

Toolscentre M0801B 16mm Heavy Duty Hammer Drill Machine
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The Makita M0801B 16mm Heavy Duty Hammer Drill Machine is my preferred choice to perform heavy-duty work. The motor (500 watts) is of high power, which enhances the performance of the machine. The handle of the drill is technically designed to enable a firm grip. Along with this, the speed of the drill machine can be changed according to the requirement of the work with the help of trigger. Makita M0801B Heavy duty Hammer Drill comes with side grip, chuck key, and its handle can be held from multiple positions. A very good feature of the machine is the reverse rotation. Furthermore, it can also be used to drill in concrete and other hard substances. Makita M0801B is highly compact and it is designed ergonomically. Its body is made up of plastic and it consists of a cord to supply the energy needed for its operation. It does not have a battery.

  • The machine is powerful
  • Ideal for performing heavy-duty work
  • Variable control of speed
  • The design is compact and highly technical
  • High power of the motor
  • The battery lasts longer
  • Chuck key
  • Finger-tip command for all applications of screwing and drilling
  • It does not have a battery for the supply of energy. It needs a continuous power supply for its operation.

Helpful tips for purchasing the best drill machine

Before buying a drill machine, it is advisable to make the list of requirements a person needs in his drill machine. I also faced certain difficulties before making the right choice. But afterward, I came across the products of Makita which provided me the given set of requirements from my list. I would suggest the buyers be more concerned about the comfort of use and that it should be easily carried. I would prefer to buy a cordless machine as it can be carried easily and also, it does not require any plug-ins. Cordless machines are preferable as their batteries need to be charged and then, they can be used anywhere- even at the places where there are no power supplies. Moreover, for using machines with batteries, the backup of the battery should be long lasting and the batteries should get charged at a good speed.

Furthermore, I would advise you to choose the drill machine made whose speed can be varied and adjusted as per the requirement of the work. Along with this, it would be helpful if the machine has insulations for the purpose of safety. In addition, the type of drills an individual needs also matters in making the selection of the type of drill machine. Apart from these, the size and weight of the machine also play an important role. If the machine is compact and weighs less, then it can be easily used and carried to anywhere. The small size of the machine can be easily operated in small areas.  In addition, I would like you to draw your attention to the configuration of the machine. The chuck, gears, power of the motor, torque, and RPM are the technical parts, which need major focus.

Which product is considered good?

As per me, there are several criterions for categorizing a product in the category of ‘good’. However, I believe that a product, which fulfills all the requirements of the user, is considered a good product. The applications of all the machines are different as the requirements of all the individual variables. Therefore, before buying a product, the buyers should check that their list of requirements is satiated. Here are some points, which, as per my consideration would be useful for the buyers before they make any selection.

  • The machine should be cost-effective: the product, which accommodates in the budget of the buyer, is considered as cost-effective or economical. There is a wide range of products, which are available in the market or on the online stores. Also, the range of products varies tremendously. An expensive product will have many features but it is not affordable for many individuals. Therefore, to fall in the category of a good product, the product must be economical so that it is affordable by all the individuals.
  • Battery backup: I would personally advise the buyers to buy a cordless machine, as it is convenient to use and to carry. In the case of a cordless machine, it is important that the Makita drill battery machine run for a longer time. Along with this, the battery should get charged at a good speed so that much of the time does not get wasted in charging the battery.
  • Reverse feature: The drilling machine should have the feature of reverse, which helps in removing the tit-bits, which gets stuck in the machine at the time of drilling.
  • The Speed of the machine can be varied: the drilling machine serves a lot of purposes. Therefore, I would prefer the choice of a drilling machine whose speed can be varied according to the application of work.
  • The machine should be able to perform a multitude of tasks: I cannot go out and buy different machines for services different purposes, and neither can you. Therefore, I would prefer to buy a machine, which is able to perform different functions such as fastening, drilling, driving, and many more.
  • Comfortable to use: The machine should be comfortable to use. Light in weight and small size of the machines makes it comfortable to use the machine, and the machine can be carried easily. Even if the work has to be done at minute areas, the small size of the machine it helps. Along with this, the handle of the machine should have a firm grip.
  • Security: I had bad experiences with electric shock and therefore, I would recommend the users to purchase the machine, which has proper insulations to serve the purpose of safety.


The drilling machine, which stands the best and is much likely to be appreciated is Makita CX200RB Cordless drill set. The Makita CX200RB Cordless drill set performs several functions and consists of long lasting Makita drill battery. The excellent performance coupled with assist mode helps it to outstand the other machines in the list. Moreover, the versatile feature of the product enabled it to achieve high ratings. However, there are other drill machines, which users can purchase. In addition, the buyers can choose from the products given above and decide the machine they will need as per their requirement. The buyers can also go for budget-friendly options or other options, which have distinctive features.

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