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Best Laser Measuring Tools 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Nothing seems to be cooler than having the best laser measuring tool 2021 in your toolset. As kids, we have always loved playing with laser and used to flash it on everyone. But as we all grew up, laser evolved to find other applications in our everyday life. Whether you want it for construction, to perform drilling actions or cutting, laser measuring tool makes our work convenient, cuts time and reduces the amount of stock waste which in turn, results in errant cuts. 

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Ever wondered after looking at the precision of the cuts at some decorative piece, some structure or a frame!? Well, you can praise the laser measuring tool that helps the builder in delivering extreme precision. 

A list of the best laser measuring tools has been given below to help you pick the one you are looking for.

Best laser measuring tool 2021

1. Bosch GLM 20 compact blaze 65’ Lazer distance measure

Bosch GLM 20 Blaze 65' Laser Distance Measure
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The Bosch Blaze GLM 20 laser measure tool is a faster, easier and more precise means to measure. It features real-time measurement mode and laser precision technology that can take reliable and instant measurements up to 65 feet to enable an individual to size up on the task in just seconds. The compact and square design of the tool makes it super convenient to carry it anywhere. Also, it possesses a backlit display which makes it easier to read the measurement even in fark areas. Besides, the laser measurement is convenient to operate and helps the user to get precise measurements to 1/8 inches with just a single press.

2. Tacklife HD60 Classic laser measure 196 feet M/IN/Ft mute laser distance meter with 2 bubble levels, backlit LCD, carry pouch

Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure 196Ft M/In/Ft Mute Laser Distance Meter with 2 Bubble Levels, Backlit LCD and Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area and Volume - Carry Pouch and Battery Included
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Ease your life with the Tacklife HD60 classic distance measure that can measure accurately up to 196 feet. The two bubble layers promise increased precision and the measurement units can be changed by pressing the U button for 2 seconds. The laser measure delivers an accuracy of 1/6 inches and the fast measurement speed of the tool increases the efficiency of the work. It can automatically calculate the volume and area, possess 3 groups data memory, 6 units for selection, automatic shutdown without operation for 150s, addition, subtraction, and calibration. 

3. Blaze Pro 165’ Laser Distance Measuring tool GLM 165-40 by Bosch

Bosch Blaze Pro 165' Laser Distance Measure GLM165-40
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The Bosch Blaze Pro GLM165-40 is a fully-loaded yet simple-to-use device featuring a backlit display. The display delivers real-time distance, volume, area, and indirect measuring functions. The tool features a measurement storage capability and possesses the functionality of addition and subtraction. It possesses real-time measurement mode and can adjust the measurement from the target as per requirement. It delivers precise and reliable measurements up to a range of165 ft. It delivers accuracy up to 1/6 inches and features a digital level. The compact size of the laser fits it in any pocket, making it extremely portable.  

4. Laser measure Acegmet 229 Ft/M/In/Ft laser distance measure backlit LCD with mute function, 2 bubble levels

Laser Measure, ACEGMET 229Ft M/In/Ft Laser Measuring Tape Backlit LCD with Mute Function, Measure Distance, Area and Volume, Pythagorean Mode Laser Measuring Device with 2 Bubble Levels
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Get your hands on the Acegmet S9 laser digital measuring tape that is super easy to use and portable. The dual-laser tube structure of the tool delivers high-precision distance measurement and does not let the accuracy of the tool get affected by excessive temperature. The laser tool finds practical application in multiple situations. The product can measure distances up to 229 feet the user can switch between area, volume, distance, measurement, continuous measurement and Pythagorean measurement with a single click. Also, the user can switch the units between meters, feet, and inches. 

5. Klearlook advanced laser measure 165 ft m/in/ft mute laser distance meter with bubble level and backlit LCD

Klearlook Advanced Laser Measure 165 Ft M/In/Ft Mute Laser Distance Meter with Bubble Level,Backlit LCD and Pythagorean Mode,Measure Distance,Area and Volume - Carry Pouch and Battery Included
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Get high accuracy for your work with Klearlook advanced laser measure that can measure precisely up to 165 feet. The user can switch between meters, inches, and feet by holding the U button for 2 seconds. The tool can automatically calculate volume and area, add and subtract, possess a memory of 30 groups data, features 6 units for selection and automatically shutdowns if it isn’t operated for 180 seconds. The compact and handy tool comes with a carrying pouch to store the device securely. 

6. Laser measure Dtape 328 feet digital laser tape measure m/in/ft switching backlit LCD, carry pouch included

Laser Measure, DTAPE 328 Feet Digital Laser Tape Measure M/In/Ft Unit switching Backlit LCD and Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area and Volume - Hand Strap and Battery Included DT100
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The DTAPE DT100 is manufactured with versatile functions especially to serve the needs of people who demand high-precision in their work. The laser-precision technology promises efficient work with high speed. The measuring tool can measure accurately up to a distance of 328 feet with remarkable accuracy of 1/6 inches. The IP54 waterproof level and dust-proof function protects the laser distance measure to the maximum extent and thus, helps you to work confidently in all environment. This makes it the best laser measurement tool for outdoors.

7. DISTO D2 New laser distance measure 330 feetwith Bluetooth 4.0 by Leica

Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red
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Invest in advanced technology by Leica DISTO D2 laser distance measurement tool. The fully-integrated piece is Bluetooth compatible and features a bright white display and a measuring engine certified by ISO. It drives accuracy up to 1/16’’ and possess a measuring angle of 330 foot. The Leica Disto D2 new can be hooked onto outside corners or the end piece can be extended for inside corners. The D2 automatically measures from the end of its flip-out end piece when it is fully extended. The tool incorporates minimum and maximum function and the end piece allows the user to get the tool all way into the corners to get precise diagonal measurements.

8. Lomvum laser measure 393 ft mute digital laser distance meter with backlit LCD and Pythagorean Mode, carry pouch included

Laser Measure 393Ft - LOMVUM Laser Tape Measure Laser Measurement Tool with M/In/Ft Unit Switching, Backlit LCD, Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area and Volume - Carry Pouch and Battery Included
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Making use of precision laser technology, the Lomvum laser distance meter kit offers easy, fast and accurate measurements every time you use it. The pocket-size compact design of the tool makes ensures easy portability and the handy tools delivers area, volume, and length measurements in feet, inches and metric units. The tool makes it easier and intuitive to find horizontal directions and improves the accuracy of the vertical bevel. The device possesses a storage capacity of 20 groups and the IP54 waterproof level and dust-proof function safeguard the precision of the measurement of the laser. Along with multiple measurement features, the device also features a low battery indicator. Moreover, the hard-rubber body offers a great grip while the wrist straps secure the device firmly in your hands. All its features coupled together make it the best laser measurement tool for architects.

9. DPPOWER digital laser measure 197FT 60M laser distance measure with backlit LCD screen

DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure 197FT/ 60M , Laser Distance Meter with Backlit LCD Screen, Single-distance Measurement/ Continuous Measurement/ Area/ Pythagorean Modes
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The DPPOWER is equipped with laser precision technology that delivers real-time measurement and helps in taking reliable and instant measurements up to 197 feet. The laser can be activated and the user can watch the measurements changing as he moves farther or closer to the target. The user can hold the measurement by pressing the measure button again. Furthermore, the minimum and maximum mode of the tool comes in handy when the user needs to evaluate the longest and shortest distances from a fixed point, making it perfect for use when the user needs to measure plumb lines and diagonals.

10. LOMVUM laser measure device mute laser distance meter with 2 bubble levels 393 feet

Laser Measure 393Ft - LOMVUM Laser Tape Measure Laser Measurement Tool with M/in/Ft Unit Switching, Backlit LCD, Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area and Volume - Carry Pouch and Battery Included
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The LOMVUM laser measure comes with two unique bubble levels, LCD backlight, mute setting, and multiple measurement modes. All these amazing features are packed in a durable and handy device that features IP54 waterproof level and dust-proof function that protects the device’s accuracy levels.

Buying guide

Instead of aiming darts at the wall to pick the best measurement tool, you must spend time paying attention to the features of the tool. Given below are some of the features that you need to consider.

What should be the expected accuracy from the measurement tool?

Irrespective of the size of your task, you will demand your measurements to be as accurate as possible. It would be a wise option to invest in a tool that features better ratings of accuracy. After all, the main job of the tool is to deliver precision to your task. Usually, the tools can measure precision to an accuracy of 1/6. Whereas, some advanced tools can measure the accuracy of 1/32. 

Moreover, the accuracy of the measuring tool can be affected by numerous factors. For example, on humid and hot days, the beam can enter into the interference from water vapor that is present in the air. Though, there are some models whose precision does not get affected due to these factors. 

Should I go for a branded one?

Focusing on the brand too much can make you turn a blind eye on some of the true gems. However, a well-known brand usually guaranteed high-quality products and most of all, you ascertain the fact that the products of well-known brands undergo testing before sale. 

What are the measurement modes?

A great benefit of using a laser measure over a standard measuring tool is that the laser measure can be used in numerous modes. The different measurement modes make it convenient and simpler to measure in a vast array of ways and not just in a single straight line. 

The number of modes that you will require depends on the kind of task you perform. If you need to measure in a straight line, one or a pair of additional modes will serve the needful. Nevertheless, if you wish to measure volume, distance, area, circumference or any other kind of spatial reasoning, then you would require an increased count of measurement modes. 

What should be displayed in the display of the tool?

The display from the measuring device must be clear to read. This does not imply that you can read the numbers on the device and you are well off. Instead, you need to hunt for a device that not only displays the numbers but also labels the information that is being displayed on the device. 

For instance, you need to know what is being used, the kind of and the meaning of every kind of measurement on the display. Otherwise, you will face a hard time reading the display of the tool and that could lead to measurements that are not precise. 

What should be the protection rating of the tool?

All the laser measurement devices are tiered on a rating scale that describes the two distinct factors that might harm the proper working of the tool. The initial digit is on a scale from 1 to 7 and denotes how tightly the device has been sealed against dust. A higher number signifies greater resistance. 

Furthermore, the second digit on the rating scale denotes the resistance of the device against water. The second digit ranges from a scale of 1 to 9. Here, 1 denotes the least resistance against moisture and 9 symbolizes a completely watertight device. Depending on the kind of application you need to use your tool for, you need to ensure that you get the model that can bear all the conditions. 

What is the memory of the measurement device?

The amount of measurement memory that you require depends on the count of measurements that you need to take in a given period. Usually, the devices possess a memory of five measurements. This will be more than sufficient for any handyman as he won’t take more measurements than this count in a given period. 

On the contrary, if you are a general contractor, you might feel the need to invest a bit more money and get a tool that possesses a larger memory. In this way, you will be able to get all the measurements stores that you require in one fell swoop and save a lot of time. 

Should I invest in a tool that possesses Bluetooth compatibility?

You might think that what is the need for a tool that features Bluetooth compatibility. 

Bluetooth compatibility enables you to store the information from your device directly into your phone, PC or tablet. You just need to pair your tool with other Bluetooth-compatible devices such as PC, computer, or tablet and you will be able to feed the measurements right into those devices. This cuts down the need for excessive memory in your tool and assists you to keep a track of your measurements in an organized manner. 

Bluetooth compatibility is an amazing feature in a laser measure but it might cost you a bit more. 

Can I use the device outside?

Depending on the rating of your tool for water and dust, you can use it pretty much everywhere, which also includes outdoors. If your device features a high rating, you will not need to worry about the elements that might ruin your laser tool. 

Nevertheless, you also need to ensure that your tool is powerful enough for outdoor applications. Unlike the indoor environment, the outdoor settings will shower a list of elements that have the potential to ruin or reduce the accuracy of the readings of your tool. While the cheaper or less powerful tool is going to go through a hard phase in dealing with the outside environment, the advanced and more powerful ones will be able to power through outdoor interferences. 

What should be the range of the tool?

The range of a laser device dictates how far it will be able to reach while giving you accurate measurements. The minimum range of a good laser tool will be about 100 feet. For people who need the device for small jobs, say you are a homeowner who is sick of using a ruler or tape measure, the range would be more than enough. On the other hand, if you are a contractor who needs to work on a larger scale, you will require a tool with a longer range otherwise the tool is not going to be of any use. The largest range available in the advanced tools is about 300 feet. 

Is the device difficult to use?

The number of controls increases with the count of modes. A tool with a less count of modes is simpler to use whereas, the complexity of operation of the tool increases with the number of controls. If you do not require all sorts of fancy modes then you must go for a simpler model. A simpler model will be convenient and quick to use and you won’t need to figure out what you are looking for exactly every time. 

However, if you require all the different measurement modes, then make sure that you get a tool with clear directions and an easy-to-read display. This way, you will be able to get your tool running without much trauma. 

Laser measuring tools assist in making it possible to get accurate and quick measurements for your tasks. If you wish to ensure that you get the best one available, you need to pay detailed attention to memory, range, display and measurement modes. This way, you can assure that you are getting the best measuring tool to cater to all your requirements. 

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