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The 7 Best Hex Key (Allen) Wrench Sets 2021 Reviews

In case you’re planning to buy the best Allen wrench set for yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. It should be kept in mind that not everything in the world can be fixed with the help of a hammer or duct-tape. You need to get the proper tool for the right kind of work. For example, if you want to tighten a hexagonal screw, then there’s nothing going to tighten it other than an Allen wrench or a hex key. 

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Since every screw will need a different kind of tool to either tighten or loosen it, you’ll need an entire Allen wrench set to make it count. Apart from the overall size, you also need to keep in mind the other factors, such as the handle shape, the number of keys in the set and so on. The following detailed guide will help you in selecting the best Allen wrench set for your requirements.

Best Hex Key Allen Wrench Sets Reviewed

1. AmazonBasics Hex Key Allen Wrench Set with Ball End – best hex key set

Amazon Basics Hex Key Allen Wrench Set with Ball End - Set of 26
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This best Allen wrench set comes with 26 pieces of Allen wrenches, which will prove to be the right fit for you. These are one of the best-designed wrenches currently on the market right now. They have arms with longer lengths and comes in both the metric and customary versions as well.

The set comes with chamfered edges so that they can easily fit inside screws and bolts. Furthermore, they also come with a ball-end which allows you to use it at almost 25 degrees from the standard 90-degree design. In case you have a screw or a bolt that is stuck, this feature can come in handy.

The set comes with storage racks for you to safely store them when not in use. One of the biggest drawbacks of these wrenches is that they’re not made for heavy-duty usage.

2. TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set, 30-Piece

TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set, 30-Piece (.028-3/8 inch, 0.7-10 mm) | 25253
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When it comes to sheer features, there’s a lot to love about this best Allen wrench set. The best feature of this set is a wide range of Allen wrenches included in the set. You get not only 15 metric versions but also 15 customary versions as well. Therefore, you’ll have the power to open any bolt or screw you want, without any problems or issues.

These wrenches come with their own chamfered edges so that you can easily slot them for faster and quicker action. You also get a hinged storage case to carefully store away your wrenches when not in use. You also get long arms with the wrenches. It should be kept in mind that customary versions are longer than metric ones. This set will leave most people happy with its performance.

3. REXBETI Hex Key Allen Wrench Set

REXBETI Hex Key Allen Wrench Set, SAE Metric Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Set Tools, Industrial Grade, Bonus Free Strength Helping T-Handle, S2 Steel (26 Pieces hex key wrench set + T-Handle)
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The manufacturer has over forty years of experience in supplying and producing Allen wrench sets. This best Allen wrench set will help you save your time and effort on all your professional as well as personal tasks. The toolset is made from industrial-grade materials, which has all the required ball-end sizes to be able to fit into any equipment or parts.

The wrench set has been further hardened to solidify itself for greater durability. With the help of S2 treatment of steel, you get superior strength with this product than its competitors. Furthermore, the easy to use T-handle will help you reduce pressure during continuous usage, providing greater torque and is comfortable to use. The set comes with 35 pieces and weighs almost 2.7 pounds.

4. Bondhus Allen Wrench Set

Bondhus 20199 Balldriver L-Wrench DoublePK, 10999 1.5-10mm & 10937 0.050-3/8
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This is one of the best Allen wrench sets that you can get. The product is made from tempered steel, which makes it highly durable to use it without allowing it to break or twist. Furthermore, these wrenches are also made in such a way that it can resist any stripping or rounding in the process of using it.

With the help of the patented ball, you can easily reach inside places that are harder to reach with traditional wrenches that are L-shaped. You get both customary and metric versions in the product package so that you can use the ones that you need. There is very little to complain about this wrench set and the overall durability will help you to use it for a long time indeed.

5. HORUSDY Hex Key Set, Allen Wrench Set Inch/Metric 30-Piece

HORUSDY Hex Key Set, Allen Wrench Set Inch/Metric 30-Piece MM(0.7mm-10mm) SAE(0.028
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If you want a set of Allen wrenches that are not only cheap in terms of the price they’re charging but also the high-quality features that you’re getting, then this should be your pick. This wrench set comes with both customary and metric versions – having 15 wrenches for each version, totalling to almost 30 wrenches inside the product packaging.

Each wrench comes with long-sized handlebars, which makes it very easy to loosen up fixings that are stuck or too stubborn. The size of each wrench is carefully marked on each side and the product comes with a storage case to carefully store away your wrenches when not in use.

This hex key Allen wrench set will cover all types of hexagonal bolts and screw types. Thus, you don’t have to look around for extra tools and equipment when you’re in need. Moreover, the wrenches come with black-oxide finishing to prevent rusting and corrosion. 

6. Texas Best Folding Metric and SAE Hex Keys

Texas Best Folding Metric and SAE Hex Keys | Durable Construction | New Design | 2 Pack
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If you’re looking for wrenches that are portable and can be easily carried around anywhere, then these set of foldable wrench set will help you do that. The product has been manufactured from high-quality materials along with flexible angles. This will ensure that the wrenches will not break away when you’ll be trying to fold or unfold the wrench. The material that has been used here consists of a steel alloy coated with a black finish, which will help in preventing corrosion and rusting.

This best allen wrench set comes with both customary and metric versions so that you’ll have the option to use whichever version you like, at any given point. There are 17 wrenches provided in the entire set, which should be enough for most users out there. The company also holds a money-back policy as well, where if you’re not satisfied with the performance of the product, you can ask for a refund.

7. Stanley STHT71839 Folding Metric and Sae Hex Keys

Stanley STHT71839 Folding Metric and Sae Hex Keys, 2-Pack
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The last product on this list comes from Stanley, manufactured in a bright yellow tint. The product comes with two sets, each for the customary and metric versions, which can be used as per your requirements. The company provides the durability and functionality that many customers have come to expect from Stanley products. Each wrench has been manufactured with rubber inserts to make sure that your gripping power is increased.

Moreover, each wrench is chamfered, so that screws and bolts can easily be reached and will not damage their surfaces too. The product comes with easy to read markings for the size of each wrench so that you can select and arrange them quickly and easily. The product is highly portable and you can carry it around anywhere you like. The only downside is that price can be a bit higher for some customers out there – but the overall quality of the product is worth its asking price.

Best Hex Key-Allen Wrench Set Buying Guide

How durable it is?

Typically, you’ll not see Allen wrenches being made from greater quality titanium or steel. The main reason behind this is that consumers who buy such products don’t require stronger and harder build materials. Therefore, using high-quality materials will instantaneously increase the overall price of the product which will instigate customers to buy a cheaper product in the end. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a high-quality Allen wrench set.
Before buying the best allen wrench set, the first thing that you should check is the overall online customer reviews of that specific product that you’re planning to buy. Look up the negative feedbacks and complaints about the product as well. Make sure to look up the reviews for the smallest keys in an Allen wrench set as these are the first ones to fail. If you don’t see any glaring negative reviews, then you’re good to. Otherwise, it will be wise to skip that product entirely.
Apart from that, you should also look up products that come with a coating that is rust-resistant. Since Allen wrench sets are generally not made from top-quality materials that can resist rusting and corrosion, you need to make sure that the coating is there beforehand. Allen wrench sets are very vulnerable to rusting and if you don’t want your hard-earned money to be wasted – invest in the one that has an anti-rust coating.

How many wrenches am I getting?

The number of Allen wrenches a person needs will depend on the type of work he’d be doing. Therefore, it’s hard to judge beforehand about the number of wrenches that he might be needing. Bolts and screws will come in various sizes and you need different kinds of wrenches to fit into them in the right manner.
In case you’re working with only electronics or toys, you’ll just need the best hex key set 2021 that are smaller in size. On the other hand, if you’re working with cars or any bigger equipment, then you need a set of large-sized keys.
The question of the number of keys you need will ultimately come down to the work you’ll be doing. If you’re anticipating that you’ll be doing a wide range of tasks, then make sure to get a set that has lots of wrenches of different sizes. But if you think that the work that you’ll be doing will need few, then there is no need to spend unnecessarily on a huge wrench set.

What is the ideal length of a wrench?

The physics of levers says that more is the length of the lever, more pressure or force can be exerted onto it. Generally, wrenches that are longer in size will prove to be more useful in the long run than the shorter ones. With the help of longer ones, you will be able to reach places that will not be possible with shorter ones. Furthermore, since you can exert more force with the longer ones, you will be able to do your job in a lesser amount of time as well.
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t purchase longer Allen wrench sets since an increase in the overall length will provide you better results and the price difference will be minimal too.

What is the difference between Non-Chamfered and Chamfered Edges?

The biggest difference that you’ll find when shopping for Allen wrench sets is that some sets will come with wrenches that are chamfered on the edges while some are not. The wrenches that are chamfered will have slightly rounded ends, which means that they’ll be easier to use. Moreover, wrenches with chamfered edges will not strip out the metal from the surface of bolts and screws.
There are chances that non-chamfered wrenches will damage the screws and bolts which are weak. But, in the case of bolts that are stuck or difficult to loosen or tighten, non-chamfered wrenches will provide more power than the ones with chamfered ends. Non-chamfered wrenches are the best when it comes to loosening or tightening up of bolts and screws.
You have to make a decision depending upon your preference for work. The best idea will be to get a mixture of both so that you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

Which Will Be The Best Option For You?

The real truth is that not a single set will be the perfect one for all the users out there since every customer will have different needs and desires. This is the reason why buying the most expensive or the least expensive one can be pretty much wastage of your hard-earned cash.
Instead, you have to evaluate your own needs and start your journey for finding the right wrench set that will only cater to your needs. You need to know the things that you’ll be loosening or tightening, which will help you to narrow down your options. Then you need to know whether a straight wrench or a bent wrench will be more useful.
Then you need to choose the best Allen wrench set that has the best price for performance and features ratio. You have to ensure that the product you’re choosing should be able to provide you with the highest number of features at a lower price point.

So which is the best Allen wrench set according to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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